🐝 HaCKBee Dev Talk: Web3 Storage & OAuth (Dec 7th)

Hi folks, there will be a technical discussion on web3 storage and decentralized authentication on HaCKBee. Feel free to join & chat!

:speaking_head: Guest: Lorimer Jenkins, protocol engineer from CommunityLabs

:date: Mark your calendar: December 7th at 5 p.m. SGT

:point_right: Get involved: Join the Discussion

The talk will include content available at docs.othent.io. Be sure to take a look!

HaCKBee is a collaborative space for developers, designers, and web5 enthusiasts shaping an open and decentralized internet using Nervos. Connect with us on Discord: HaCKBee


Good event!

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Hi there, if you didn’t catch the talk, here’s the video along with a brief summary & highlights!

You can also read on Yakihonne, Blogstack, Flycat, or Habla.

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