🐝 HaCKBee Dev Talk: Bitcoin, Blockchain and Bubbles (DEC 22 FRI @ 3PM HKT)

Join us for an engaging discussion on the development of projects on Bitcoin, Stacks, and Nostr!

Larry Salibra, the inaugural employee at Stacks, who played a pivotal role in building the Bitcoin Ecosystems in Hong Kong, will share insights and experiences, including his work on the notable Nostr Names.

:speaking_head: Speaker: Larry Salibra, Founder of New Internet Labs

:spiral_calendar: Date: December 22 (Friday) at 3:00 PM HKT (11:00 PM PST)

:point_right: Get involved: Join the Discord voice channel

The DevTalk is hosted by HaCKBee, a collaborative space for developers, designers, and web5 enthusiasts shaping an open and decentralized internet using Nervos. Connect with us on Discord: HaCKBee


Could you please record the discussion content and reply with the link here for later reference and learning?

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Sure! We’ll get everything sorted and share the link here.


Hey guys, in case you missed the talk, it is available now. With highlights!
Check it out on HaCKBee’s Substack, Flycat, Blogstack, Yakihonne, or Habla.

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