🐝 HaCKBee Dev-Talk #3: Decoding Web3 Security & Privacy with Least Authority (JAN 18 THU @ 4PM SGT)

DevTalks with Liz Steininger, CEO of Least Authority.
Her team of security engineers and cryptographers have audited major Web3 protocols, including MetaMask, Ethereum, MinaProtocol, Protocollabs, and Worldcoin.

We will discuss how security and privacy is changing in the web3 world and all the lessons learned.

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Security & Privacy with Least Authority · Luma


Hey folks! Our chat with Liz was fun and insightful! We dove into the world of security, code auditing in Web3, and explored the ever-changing auditing landscape!

Here’s more! Our audience threw some interesting questions into the mix:

  • Should an auditing firm take (some) responsibility if the audited project is exploited later?
  • How to tell a good auditing firm from a bad one?
  • What if auditors intentionally withhold bug info found in auditing?
  • Any L2 projects on Least Authority’s list? What’s your definition of L2? Can Stacks be considered in this category?
  • Any cool cryptographic ideas or tools you find intriguing?

Curious to know Liz’s take? Check the content! Available on: Flycat, Habla, Yakihonne, and Substack!