Goldshell CK-BOX

I received my new goldshell miner today:

Here are the average stats:


Awesome, CK-box make ckb more decentralized! everyone can mine ckb in home.



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I got mine yesterday and it was all a mistake as I wanted the mini doge. Now I need help to fully understand if it’s profitable or I should just get rid, pls can anyone advise. Also linked with f2pool but not received a payout yet considering I have over 100 CKB now.Any ideas please

Calculator for Nervos: CKB calculator

Profit is relative. Long term holders know CKB is valuable so accumulate as much possible.
Short term profit is probably also profitable, but I personally do not know.

I use this pool: 2miners

I’ll buy your CK-Box.

I have four more CK-Box miners arriving tomorrow. I do not resell, I’m a long term CKB holder.

That sounds encouraging but I am totally in the dark considering this is my first miner but willing to learn if CKB is going to be profitable in the long run. As I said, I wanted the mini doge but messed my order up. Hence I am seeking to gain further knowledge about CKB and if it’s worth keeping.

Nervos info:

Thanks I will read up on this

How do you like it so far? I was thinking of getting like 4-10 units. What PSU are you using to power them all?

My setup:

6 CK-box miners was my goal. I’m happy with my investment and contribution to the Nervos blockchain.

PSU, Switch, mini-router:

My miner stats:

Cool! Thanks for sharing! I am thinking of getting 8 with a 2 X bitman PSU.

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Hello there, what website did you buy from?

The manufacturer is goldshell, so you can check there website,

goldshellminer . org Its also good website, I did buy from there.