(General Discussion) Public voting in Metaforo

I’m not sure if this was noted in the DAO information posted already, I can’t remember seeing it, but I’d like to bring this up for discussion.

When looking at the Nervos Nation proposal in Metaforo, I noticed that the voters and the number of votes they cast are publicly visible.

This creates a privacy issue, not only due to the revealing of holding amounts, which is especially a problem for doxxed members of the community, but also for voting choices.

I believe voting needs to be private so that everyone can feel free to vote on their conscience without any regard to possible backlash from others in the community.

We need as many members of the community to vote on these proposals as possible and I think public voting will create a disincentive for some members.


在看Metaforo中的Nervos Nation提案时,我注意到选民和他们投的票数是公开可见的。




Ok, my apologies, I think I’ve jumped the gun a bit here and didn’t think this through.

There is no reason you need to sign up to Metaforo with your real name or the username you use either on this site, or any other social media, so maintaining privacy is up to the user at that point.

But I’ll leave this here without deleting, just so people are aware that your Metaforo profile and the number of votes you cast are visible to everyone.





Thanks for the question and your addition.
I’ll briefly add that, as I understand it, the primary consideration here is to be able to show the address of the poll. In the future, Nervos’ DAO will go to on-chain governance, whose address should also be public.

So if anybody has privacy requirements, please don’t associate Metaforo’s name with social media.

我简单的补充两句,按照我的理解,这里的主要考量是为了能展示出投票的地址,未来 Nervos 的 DAO 一定会走向链上治理,而链上治理的投票应该也是公开的。

所以如果对隐私有要求的小伙伴,可以不要把 Metaforo 的名字和社交媒体有关联。