Futurist blockchain confrence proposal

Nervos Network’s Participation at the 2024 Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto Canada

GMGM everyone, my name is Dara, as a dedicated member of the Nervos Nation community for the past few years, I have witnessed the steady growth and development of Nervos Network into a formidable player within the blockchain ecosystem. Having actively supported and advocated for Nervos Network on social media platform like Twitter, @dondara05 I am deeply invested in its success and believe that participation in high-profile events such as the Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto presents a valuable opportunity for showcasing Nervos’s achievements, innovations, and vision for the future.

Founded three years ago, my journey into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology led me to discover Nervos Network through the Cardano ecosystem. Intrigued by its solid foundation and the caliber of its founders, I became convinced of Nervos’ potential to revolutionize the blockchain space. Since then, I have been an unwavering supporter and active participant in the Nervos Nation community, continuously learning and engaging with the latest developments and initiatives.

Proposal Overview:
I am proposing that Nervos Network participate in the 2024 Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto, one of Canada’s largest and most high-profile events dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3 technologies. With over 7,000 attendees, 250 speakers, and significant media coverage, this conference provides an unparalleled platform for Nervos to showcase its innovations, engage with key stakeholders, and solidify its position as a leading blockchain protocol.


  1. Increase Visibility: By securing a booth and taking the stage at the conference, Nervos can significantly enhance its visibility among industry peers, investors, developers, and enthusiasts.
  2. Build Partnerships: Participating in the conference presents an opportunity to forge strategic partnerships and collaborations with other projects, businesses, and organizations within the blockchain ecosystem.
  3. Educate and Inform: Through presentations, workshops, and networking sessions, Nervos can educate attendees about its unique features, use cases, and the value proposition it offers to developers, enterprises, and end-users.
  4. Community Engagement: The conference provides a platform to interact with existing community members, attract new supporters, and gather feedback to inform future development efforts.

Proposed Activities:

  1. Booth Exhibition: Setting up a dedicated booth to showcase Nervos’ technology, ecosystem projects, and community initiatives.
  2. Speaking Engagement: Securing a speaking slot to present on topics such as the Nervos architecture, recent developments, and upcoming milestones.
  3. Networking: Actively engaging with attendees, speakers, sponsors, and media representatives to foster connections and collaborations.
  4. Sponsorship: Exploring opportunities for sponsorship to increase brand visibility and support conference initiatives such as hackathons and bounties.
  5. Yes the hackathon ETHToronto & ETHWomen are included at the Gold level. The package is all the same but you get an extra speaking spot on the hackathon stage plus you get to put up an additional bounty up to $15K (usually in your own token) for your hackathon challenges. (although its called ETHToronto , most projects aren’t ETH :slight_smile: You will also get branding on Canada Crypto Week as well. The hackathons start a month out and give Nervos a larger global audience because they are online and onsite.

There are different options as for the Sooners hip and booth rentals starting from $5000 to $100000 and after much consideration I think the best option could be the gold option which will be on the main floor and has the most traffic there will be attachment to this proposal which make it easier to see what the options are and a better look at what the entire thing looks like. Outlined below is a preliminary budget estimate for Nervos Network’s participation at the conference:

Exhibitor booth:
gold (see attachments)
-main stage presentation which I’m hoping we can get some of the founders or researchers
on to the show (Kevin, cipher, Matt, ) to be discussed.

  • Travel and Accommodation: (separate proposal)
  • Marketing Collateral:
    On-site branding:
    -Logo rotating on digital signage
    -logo on all volunteer shirts
    -logo displayed on 3 massive LED circular ceiling screens during presentation
    -immersive on all lights and logo on 250 ft LED screens during presentation
    -logo displayed on all attendee, vip, press and speakers name badges
    Future event apps
    -sponsor profile-includes
    logo, description, website, social linksGamification points with mobile even App
    -Speaker profile
    Includes head shot, bio, website, social links Online branding
  • logo included on futurist websites & mobile event app
  • social media exposure on futurist & untraceable channels
  • logo included on all mass attendee emails
  • logo included on all event outreach emails
    Blasts (150k)
  • Sponsorship Package: $35000
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: 2 working full days at conference 3 people $200 each
    person per day total $600
    -Marketing material
    like T-shirts, stickers, other marketing materials
    elevator pitch, flyers any suggestions from
    the team. would be appreciated on this area
    to be discussed Further estimated (1k-4k)
    Total Budget: 36k-39k

For the main stage presentation, I aim to secure participation from key figures within the Nervos Network such as Kevin Wang, Cipher, Matt Quinn, or any other researchers or founders who are willing to take on the spotlight. Cipher’s discussion on RGB++ technology seems particularly timely and beneficial. Additionally, I believe insights from Kevin Wang and Matt Quinn would significantly enhance the impact and relevance of the presentation.

Participating in the 2024 Blockchain Futurist Conference aligns with Nervos Network’s mission to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and build a decentralized future. I am confident that this opportunity will amplify Nervos’ presence within the global blockchain community and accelerate its growth trajectory. I look forward to collaborating with the Nervos DAO and fellow community members to make this proposal a reality and maximize the impact of Nervos’ participation at the conference.

I thank everyone who took the time to read and discuss this proposal. I also have an attachment file of the conferences sponsorship outline and packages that I can’t seem to be able to post here. I’m going to try to add some screenshot images to see if it works that way. I’m here to answer any question you may have.
thank you.


Great proposal, support this event to further enhance the impact of CKB!


Paaamp it! Show Nervos to the world!!


Are you already in contact with potential guest speakers for ckb ? Quite critical to have a certain level of commitment before subscribing to the event in any way


I have briefly discussed this with Matt but not cipher or Kevin yet. If the proposal gets passed the first stage I will be contacting them and hopefully they would be willing to join.

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Nervos Network needs to participant in more of these type of marketing. Show off the strong community. I hope some of the founders like Kevin will attend.


I got in touch with Kevin and he felt like he can add more value at developers conference rather than this one which probably is more of a marketing one, and thats understandable… I haven’t heard back from cipher but I’m sure he’s a very busy man lately with all the advancements. If this moves forward there is time to set something up I’m sure.

Looks like Nervos Network needs a dedicated marketing director for functions like this.
That maybe the proposal, fund to pay for a marketing director!


I think Joyid and Spore would be a good idea to focus on for a conferense like this.

There’s heaps of great things about CKB, but a lot of it just isn’t suited to trying to explain to people as they are walking past a booth or even in a 30 minute stage presentation.

But Joyid and Spore are both things that nearly everyone who attends the conferance will understand straight away and could interact with at the booth.

Even during the presentation, as Joyid/Spore is being explained you could do Joygift and DOBs giveaways to the crowd as they are watching.


These are great ideas and I agree, I do have some ideas in mind as well…plus with the emergence of RGB++ I think a lot focus is gonna be on btc layer2’s as well…


I find these events are very hard to track the return on investment. Who actually comes to these events and are these people really the best for us to leverage to get the Nervos story across?

To me to get the best leverage is to find out who the influencers are and work on them. I would rather wine and dine a handful of influencers with a total reach of a couple of million followers then try to attract one investor one at a time.

The cost is the same but the results can be much much better.


Understandable, at the same time I think anytime you can showcase what this blockchain has to offer (specially in the west) it can grab people’s attention specifically in the bigger event and with what nervos has to offer with the new emergence of btckb it would have an impact on some people… never the less this wont happen this year and maybe I’ll try something different for next year and see what the community thinks about it.
Thanks for your feedback. It’s good to see people engaging on nervos talk.


40K without mentioning who the three people are?
What are the KPI you will use to measure the ROI?
Difficult to see what value those 40K will bring in terms of connections and partnerships…