Free Node RPC and Indexer RPC for CKB Developers

Hey devs, we have deployed a pair of full-nodes as well as indexers for everyone to use, for free! here are the URLs:

Mainnet - Node RPC
Mainnet - Indexer RPC

Testnet - Node RPC
Testnet - Indexer RPC

There are limit for frequency:
rate: 20 req / s
burst: 20 req / s
You will receive 500 Error if the limit is exceeded. If you have further requests, please let me know :call_me_hand:


Indexer RPC is using ckb-indexer,GitHub address

Hey @zhixian , thanks for hosting these nodes and keeping them available for the community. Is there any documentation on the available endpoints, perhaps something like Swagger?


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Here are another full-nodes maintained by the community.

Mainnet - Node RPC

Mainnet - indexer PRC

Mainnet - Mercury RPC