First Welfare: Show the first block you have mined on Rylai Testnet

On May 18, 2019, CKB Testnet – Rylai was officially launched!

On May 18th, Nervos organized a small gathering named Launch Party of Nervos CKB Testnet with investment institutions, media friends and community friends. The people present witnessed the launch of the CKB Testnet and the new Logo of Nervos! :clap:

The CKB Testnet was named Rylai. Rylai is a hero in Dota, the Dota culture belongs to one of the Nervos subcultures, so in the future we will also use the heroes in Dota to name future milestones.

In addition, there are some other explanations:

  • This project was born in the cold winter; :snowflake:

  • The test network usually freezes some features, while the main network will not change much. The action of Freeze is similar to Rylai’s skill. :snowflake:

Group photo

After the release of the Rylai Testnet, many actively friends have participated in Rylai’s mining and became the coolest person on Rylai Testnet!

To encourage people join the miner team on Rylai, the Nervos Community has won a series of mining benefits for participants.

First Welfare: Show the first block you have mined on Rylai Testnet

How to participate in the activity

  • Reply the first block you have mined on Rylai below this post, show the picture !

  • Mark the block height which is specific belongs to you;

  • Share something interesting or annoying which you have encountered during the Rylai’s mining process;

  • Remember to note your clothing size and your nation.

Reply example

  • Stwith will reply a sample post below this post;

  • Non-standard posts may not be eligible for benefits.

Time limit and lottery date

  • Activity duration: May 23, 2019 ~ June 1, 20:00 (Beijing time UTC/GMT+08:00)

  • The winners will be announced on June 2nd under this post.

Activity welfare

How to participate in Rylai Testnet mining


  • This activity is supported by Nervos Foundation

  • This activity is not applicable to users in mainland China

PS: Recruit Nervos Talk Volunteer

In order to expand the influence of Nervos Talk and provide a better forum environment for Nervos enthusiasts, Nervos Talk decided to recruit several forum volunteers.

Volunteer request

  • Love Nervos Network this project;
  • Serious and responsible, helpful;
  • Have a certain blockchain cognition;
  • Relevant operational experience is preferred.
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I have just mined my first block on Rylai Testnet, block height 16771.

The whole mining process was not as easy as I expected. The deepest impression is the incompatible of Docker and VMware, my computer is Win10 home edition, it is hard for me to installing Docker, I have to install the Hyper-V first, then Docker Toolbox. After installing Docker, I can’t use my favorite VMware. Then I went through a series of software deletions, it is so difficult. Finally, I got my VMware back!

In the end, I want a size L T-shirt and l come from China !

( Notes: This activity is not applicable to users in mainland China)

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Hello from Canada! My first block was at height 13406!

Everything worked smoothly for me on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS thanks for such a pleasant experience!

My only feedback would be that the miner output in multithreaded mode needs to be less noisy.

L size T-shirt if you do send me one :slight_smile:

By the way, I would love to volunteer! I am a full-time Senior Software Developer working in the blockchain space.