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CupRush is an initiative by the UnicornDOB community members to test the practical use cases of DOB. In this project, we explore the playability of DOB beyond its investment value and the association.

Everyone is looking for asset issuance methods during the new round of market fluctuations, which seems to have become the engine of every bull market. In this bull market, DOB is expected to be a substitute for NFTs.

The minigames of TON are continuously achieving success, marking the ongoing convergence of Web2 and Web3. If DOB still only has the attributes of investment or speculation, it might be challenging in the current phase. We are considering what other functional use cases DOB can exist as, beyond its similarity to NFTs.

NFTs, centered around IPs (Intellectual Properties), have been trying to strengthen their value by restricting the quantity, which is currently challenging. This approach is essentially ‘monetizing influence,’ and it has led to a sharp issue: IPs that have already been monetized no longer have the continuous drive to build, and users who have been ‘harvested’ are no longer willing to pay for elusive IPs.

Our solution is to gamify the transformation of DOB and allow IPs and games to exist in a modular form. This way, within the community, valuable IPs can be naturally filtered through the behavioral choices of users, and users and IPs are no longer troubled by the initial total quantity and the function of only being able to buy and sell.

CupRush is our attempt; we hope to convey the concept, ‘With an abundance of DOB gameplay and a substantial DOB user base, would you like to participate or contribute to building it?’
The full text is available in the GitBook link, inquiries are welcome.:Content generates influence. | Welcome to CupRush

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A valuable framework is the cradle for the growth of product content; interesting content naturally increases influence.
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From certain perspectives, the current state is like an egg.

If we consider DOB as an asset issuance method that is in its primordial chaos, everything is happening on the quite secure Nervos Network based on PoW (Proof of Work). RGB++ effectively links CKB and BTC together, and the Spore protocol has created the cradle for DOB, thus enabling the emergence of DOB.

Spore link:Medium

RGB++ represents the next evolution in asset transfer technology, bridging the gap between Nervos CKB and Bitcoin.

This cutting-edge blockchain protocol is crafted to streamline asset movement across various blockchain networks, with a particular focus on the interoperability between Nervos CKB’s Common Knowledge Base and Bitcoin. It advances the foundational RGB protocol, which facilitates the creation and management of assets on Bitcoin’s blockchain through a privacy-preserving ‘client-side verification’ technique. This method ensures that transaction details are kept confidential while maintaining transaction efficiency.

The ‘++’ in RGB++ denotes significant improvements, particularly its enhanced compatibility with blockchains like Nervos CKB. It incorporates smart contracts, which are programmable agreements with terms encoded in code, allowing for automated execution. By embedding these smart contracts on the CKB blockchain, RGB++ facilitates more sophisticated and versatile asset interactions than the original RGB protocol.

Fundamentally, RGB++ is designed to foster a more cohesive and dynamic blockchain ecosystem. It enables secure and fluid asset transitions between Bitcoin and CKB, enriched by features such as smart contracts and enhanced scalability. This positions RGB++ as an indispensable asset for developers and users seeking to harness the combined capabilities of Bitcoin and CKB.


Things have become interesting to us; we are curious to see if our vision can hatch this egg.


Of course, the product is still in the development process. To achieve this goal, we have carried out rapid development in an extremely short time (10 days). The product may have some issues, but we will fix them one by one in the subsequent stages. We appreciate your understanding and support.