(DISCUSSION) How about paying CKB Grants in Stablecoin instead of paying in CKB?

Hi Nervos Community,

Recently we saw some recovery in price of CKB.

So I was thinking why not pay grants or DAO Grants in stablecoins like USDT or USDC instead of paying them in CKB.

Because grantees will have to sell the CKB after the approval and it dilutes the value in CKB (Larger the grant, larger the dilution).

What do you think about this core members of NERVOS?






But where is this USDC coming from?

The fund consists of CKB, so at some point is has to be sold to pay the grant.

Even if the DAO did a big OTC sale to limit the price impact, you’ve then got someone out there with a heap of CKB they could dump, so you’re actually even worse off.

The DAO grants aren’t going to be huge amounts so I doubt there will ever be any real impact to the price from any selling anyway.

But the main reason I think this isn’t a good idea is that we are at an almost ATL price, this is not the time you would do something like this. When we’re at ATH again, then this could be something to consider.





但我认为这不是一个好主意的主要原因是,我们几乎处于ATL价格,这不是你做这种事情的时候。 当我们再次处于ATL价格时,就可以考虑这样做了。

Ecosystem fund is CKB, the goal is spreading ownership of CKB as far as possible.

Additionally, there’s nothing to say a grant recipient is required to liquidate CKB, on the contrary they are incentivized to hold onto as much CKB as possible.

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