[DIS] Telmo Talks - A Nervos Talk Show - Proposal

Update: The CKB Eco Fund website is live :point_right: https://ckbeco.fund

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Oh okay
So my first application doesn’t hold anymore?
I will apply to the CKB Community Fund DAO
Thank you sir

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hi @T_Silva - it has been 2+ months since grant disbursal, can you please provide an update on funds utilization and Telmo Talks?


Hi @T_Silva
In the spirit of transparency and good faith I believe it would be prudent to show receipts of purchase of the equipment that the grant money was to be used for. Can you produce these documents and attach please. Other proposals that have been passed have shown documentation exactly where the CKB went to.


Update on the Talk Show/Podcast

I would like to start this message by expressing my sincere gratitude to the Nervos Network and the entire community for their support and feedback. I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding regarding the delay in providing a more detailed and significant update. Personal and logistical issues involving the members giving face for the show contributed to this delay.

a bit of context: A few months ago, I submitted an application to a Nervos Network fund, which was approved, allowing us to acquire the necessary equipment to start a talk show/podcast. This milestone has now been complete and the equipment has been set up in two distinct setups: mine and Albert’s.

If you’re curious about the type of equipment we acquired, please refer to the list below (also mentioned in the proposal):

  • High-quality cameras.
  • Professional studio microphones, and a wireless lavalier microphone set.
  • Lighting equipment.
  • A stream deck.
  • Headphones.
  • Setup customization items such as acoustic isolation and a custom neon sign.

Setup Status

Although my final setup is only expected to be completed by the end of this year due to ongoing construction works , the current setup is already operational. It misses mounting the neon sign allusive to the talk show and will also count with a few props allusive to different projects. Even in its development phase, the environment is prepared to provide a professional visual experience.

Initial Episodes and Learnings

So far, we have recorded an episode with James, the community manager of Nervape. This recording was a valuable experience, allowing us to learn and resolve sound and image issues that arose. We are happy to report that these issues have been overcome, and the technical quality of our episodes is assured.

Note :
The software we’re currently using only allows us to record in 720p, which may compromise quality. This limitation is due to our current license, and we are considering an upgrade to ensure 1080p, 2k, and 4k recording capabilities.

Recording and Publishing Plan

In this initial phase, we have chosen to record, edit, and subsequently publish the episodes. This approach aims to gain experience and provide a margin of error for both us and our interviewees. Other methods of conducting interviews, such as livestreams, are also being considered.

Talk Show Objectives and Content

Our talk show’s main objective is to engage the community and highlight projects developed on the Nervos Network. However, we are not limited to this blockchain alone. We intend to interview individuals from other blockchains and people of general interest who can bring value and diversity to our content and to Nervos in general.

Our commitment is to conduct regular conversations. We will introduce later this week a roadmap and a calendar featuring the next interviewees as well as a plan to build community which, with everyone’s help, will hopefully grow substantially.

Final Thanks

Once again, thanks to Nervos and the entire community for their ongoing support and feedback. We are excited about the future of the talk show and committed to delivering relevant and quality content as well as with your engagement.


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