[DIS] Nervos.Land - Online NFT Strategy Game Development


Hello, Nervos Community!

We are the Nervos.Land team.

We stand before you as the founders of Nervos.Land, ready to share our heartfelt journey with you. My name is YD(@SPECULARI), and my colleague’s ID (@LOURAIDER). You may have seen our tale through our Twitter (X), where we’ve celebrated winning several hackathons. It all began with Godwoken, a project we hold immense respect and gratitude for. Everyone who contributed to this promising venture holds a special place in our hearts.

However, as it often does, life presented many circumstances that led us to part ways with Godwoken. Plans to branch out to the most popular EVM-compatible L2s were on the horizon, yet the thought of leaving our roots behind at Nervos didn’t sit well with us. After all, Nervos is our heartland, the birthplace of our project.

So, what sparked our decision to come back home? Gazing from the sidelines, it’s evident that the heart of the Nervos Network is undoubtedly CKB (L1). This layer 1 is the most trusted amongst our community and where the finest projects currently thrive. With this in mind, we felt a compelling pullback towards our beginnings.

Following this tweet https://twitter.com/nervos_land/status/1720415033492983849, we were excited about the CKB community and felt inspired to implement this proposal. The future of this project now lies in your hands! Rest assured, my team and I will pour every ounce of our dedication and energy into making Nervos.Land a game that feels like home for the CKB community.


Blockchain games have seen tremendous growth in recent years, representing a dynamic and expanding sector within the crypto ecosystem. These games allow players to own, trade, and interact with in-game assets as NFTs, providing a unique gaming experience. The intersection of blockchain technology and gaming has unlocked new possibilities, creating value for players and developers. To capitalize on this potential, we propose the development of Nervos.Land is an online NFT strategy game based on the Unity engine.

Statistics and Market Potential:

  • As of 2022, the global blockchain gaming market was valued at approximately USD 4.83 billion, with projections to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 68.3% from 2023 to 2030​ 1​.
  • By the first quarter of 2023, the blockchain gaming industry had already demonstrated a bullish growth trend with a 45.60% increase in market dominance ​2​.
  • Daily blockchain gaming activity, measured by unique active wallets, saw an average increase of 12% in Q3 2023 over the previous quarter ​3​.
  • Investment in blockchain gaming as a proportion of the overall gaming industry has escalated significantly, reaching 57.2% in the first quarter of 2023 ​4​.
  • The NFT market, closely tied to blockchain gaming, is expected to generate revenue of US$3,546.00m in 2023 and grow by at least 33% year over year, with potential expansion to approximately $80 billion by 2025​ 5​.
  • Games such as “Axie Infinity” continue to be at the forefront, highlighting the potential for NFT-based games to generate substantial revenue and offer players unique opportunities to monetize their gaming experiences through the ownership of in-game assets.

CKB Ecosystem Impact:

Integrating Nervos.Land with the CKB blockchain will create synergy. The game can act as an entry point for new users to the CKB ecosystem, promoting token adoption and network growth. It can also demonstrate the capabilities of CKB smart contracts in the gaming sector, potentially attracting more developers.

Why do you want to do this? (Why?)

As an avid gamer and developer, I have always been fascinated by the potential of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. Nervos.Land is a project that combines my passion for gaming with the innovative capabilities of NFTs and blockchain. The game aims to provide a unique, immersive, and decentralized gaming experience where players can truly own their in-game assets and have a word in the game’s development.

I propose developing and scaling “Nervos.Land,” an online NFT strategy game. We have successfully implemented the beta version of the gameplay. It is now ready to expand its capabilities, enhancing the gaming experience for users and promoting the growth of the CKB ecosystem.

Why are you the right person to do it? (Why you?)

We have experience in game development, particularly with the Unity engine. Our team members have been involved in developing several games and understand what makes a game enjoyable and engaging. Additionally, we are intensely interested in blockchain technology and have closely followed the NFT space.

Our combination of gaming and blockchain expertise makes us uniquely qualified to take “Nervos.Land” to the next level.

Why do you want to do it now? (Why now?)

The cryptocurrency market is showing signs of recovery and growth. It presents a unique opportunity to leverage the growing interest in blockchain-based gaming and NFTs. The CKB ecosystem is also poised for expansion, making it an ideal environment for our project. For example, launching such a new project as JoyID.

What is the budget you are applying for? Why is it reasonable? (Budget)

We request a total budget of $75,000 to fund the development and expansion of “Nervos.Land.” It was about 22M CKB at the time of the proposal. While it may seem substantial, it’s important to note that this budget can be considered relatively modest within the context of the game industry.

How do you plan to do the work? How many milestones are there, and what are they? (How?)

Our comprehensive development plan encompasses several vital components to ensure the success of “Nervos.Land”:

Our comprehensive development plan encompasses several vital components to ensure the success of “Nervos.Land”:

  1. Enhanced Gameplay:

    • We’re committed to improving the player experience by expanding the existing beta version.
    • Expect gameplay enhancements, captivating new features, visual upgrades, and optimizations that will take “Nervos.Land” to the next level.
  2. Smart Contracts:

    • To seamlessly integrate NFTs and in-game assets into the thriving CKB ecosystem, we’re enlisting the expertise of a skilled RUST developer.
    • They’ll be responsible for creating robust CKB smart contracts that underpin the dynamic in-game economy.
  3. Unity Development:

    • Our Unity development crew will focus on adapting and optimizing the game for the online environment.
    • Their mission is to ensure a seamless, immersive, and glitch-free gaming experience for all players.
  4. Game Design:

    • Crafting engaging, immersive, and captivating gameplay experiences is paramount.
    • Our dedicated game narrative designer will tirelessly keep players hooked and entertained.
  5. Backend Infrastructure Enhancement:

    • Server Capacity Boost: Our backend devs will optimize server architecture to ensure it can handle a significantly larger player base. We’re talking about the power to host thousands of concurrent players.
    • Load Balancing Magic: Load balancers will be strategically deployed to distribute traffic evenly, guaranteeing smooth gameplay for everyone. No lags, no hiccups.
    • Database Optimization: We’re revamping our database systems to handle increased data volume efficiently. It means lightning-fast responses to in-game actions and queries.
    • Scalability on Demand: We’re implementing auto-scaling mechanisms that dynamically allocate server resources as the player count fluctuates. So, whether you’re the first or the millionth player, you’ll experience top-notch performance.
    • Security Fortifications: With a more extensive player base comes an increased focus on security. We’re reinforcing our backend security protocols to safeguard player data and assets.

In simpler terms, our backend upgrade will ensure a seamless, high-performance gaming experience.

Milestones - We propose dividing the budget into distinct stages, each with its objectives:

  1. Beta Improvement (10%):

    • Gameplay Enhancements: Dive deep into gameplay mechanics, introducing strategic elements that captivate players. Expect new features, tactical depth, and balanced gameplay.
    • Visual Upgrades: Our artistry team will work magic, enriching the game world with stunning visuals, immersive animations, and eye-catching effects.
    • Player Engagement: Implement mechanisms to keep players engaged from the first click, ensuring they stay hooked to “Nervos.Land.”
  2. Smart Contract Integration (30%):

    • The core of our blockchain integration involves developing, rigorously auditing, and deploying CKB smart contracts.
    • These contracts will empower the NFT ecosystem within the game, opening up exciting possibilities for players.
  3. Online Scaling (30%):

    • Server Capacity Expansion: Optimize server architecture to accommodate a significant influx of players, enabling thousands or more to explore the game concurrently.
    • Load Balancing Mastery: Implement load balancers to distribute traffic evenly, ensuring a lag-free and responsive gaming environment.
    • Database Efficiency: Revamp database systems to efficiently handle increased data volumes, ensuring quick responses to player interactions.
    • Auto-Scaling: Deploy auto-scaling mechanisms that dynamically allocate server resources based on player count fluctuations.
    • Enhanced Security: Bolster backend security protocols to protect player data and in-game assets in a growing player community.
  4. Final Enhancements and Testing (20%):

    • Gameplay Fine-Tuning: Refine gameplay mechanics, balance character abilities, and ensure a harmonious gaming experience.
    • Bug Squashing: Identify and eliminate lurking bugs or glitches through rigorous testing and debugging processes.
    • Comprehensive Testing: Conduct extensive and stress testing to ensure servers can withstand peak loads and maintain performance.
    • Performance Optimization: Optimize game performance for various devices, ensuring smooth gameplay across platforms.
  5. Launch and Community Engagement (10%):

    • Spectacular Launch: Coordinate a grand launch event for “Nervos.Land,” ensuring players worldwide can dive into the game.
    • Community Engagement: Launch community engagement initiatives, including forums, social media campaigns, and in-game events to foster a lively player community.
    • Feedback Channels: Establish feedback channels to gather player insights and continuously improve the game based on community input.

With these meticulously planned milestones, we’re committed to transforming “Nervos.Land” into a remarkable gaming experience while contributing significantly to the growth and vibrancy of the CKB ecosystem.

Reporting and Accountability:

We commit to providing regular updates on project progress sharing information on milestones achieved, goal attainment, and fund utilization. Our team will give a progress report for review at the end of each payment stage and milestone. Based on the Meta-rule changes about a budget exceeding $10,000, the estimated timeline for each payment should be 30 days. Each milestone could include several transaction payments.


As we embark on this thrilling journey to bring “Nervos.Land” to life, we are not just building a game; we are crafting an experience that transcends boundaries, offering a gateway to the vibrant world of CKB. We believe that our project holds the potential to ignite a new era of exploration, entertainment, and engagement within the Nervos Network.

Our commitment to this vision is unwavering, and we invite you, the heart and soul of the CKB community, to join us in this adventure. Your vote of confidence is not merely a click; it is an affirmation of your belief in the endless possibilities that blockchain gaming can unlock for CKB.

As we venture forth, we promise transparency, accountability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Your vote is a voice that guides us, and your trust is a beacon that leads us forward. Together, we can achieve greatness, and expand the CKB ecosystem.

Together, we are unstoppable.

With gratitude and determination, Nervos.Land team.



你好,Nervos 社区!

我们是 Nervos.Land 团队。

作为 Nervos.Land 的创始人,我们站在你们面前,准备与你们分享我们的心路历程。我叫 YD(@SPECULARI),我的同事 ID 是(@LOURAIDER)。你们可能已经通过我们的 Twitter(X)看到了我们的故事,我们在那里庆祝赢得了几次黑客松。一切都始于 Godwoken,这是一个我们怀有极大的尊重和感激的项目。为这个有前途的事业做出贡献的每个人都在我们心中占有特殊的位置。

然而,生活常常如此,许多情况导致我们与 Godwoken 分道扬镳。我们计划向最受欢迎的兼容 EVM 的 L2 扩展,但想到离开我们的根基 Nervos,我们感到不安。毕竟,Nervos 是我们心灵的故乡,也是我们项目的诞生地。

那么,是什么激发了我们回家的决定呢?从旁观者的角度看,Nervos 网络的核心无疑是 CKB(L1)。这个第一层是我们社区中最受信赖的,也是当前最优秀的项目所在。考虑到这一点,我们感到强烈的吸引力,回到了我们的起点。

根据这条推文 https://twitter.com/nervos_land/status/1720415033492983849,我们对CKB社区感到兴奋,并感到启发,决定实施这个提议。这个项目的未来现在掌握在你们手中!请放心,我和我的团队将倾注我们所有的热情和能量,使Nervos.Land成为一个让CKB社区感觉像家一样的游戏。




  • 截至2022年,全球区块链游戏市场估值约为48.3亿美元,预计从2023年到2030年的复合年增长率(CAGR)为68.3%​1​。
  • 到2023年第一季度,区块链游戏行业已经显示出看涨的增长趋势,市场占有率增加了45.60%​2​。
  • 以独特活跃钱包计算的每日区块链游戏活动,在2023年第三季度较前一季度平均增长了12%​3​。
  • 对区块链游戏的投资作为整体游戏行业的比例显著上升,2023年第一季度达到57.2%​4​。
  • 与区块链游戏密切相关的NFT市场预计在2023年产生3546.00万美元的收入,并至少以每年33%的速度增长,潜在扩张到2025年的大约800亿美元​5​。
  • 像“Axie Infinity”这样的游戏继续处于前沿,凸显了基于NFT的游戏创造可观收入的潜力,并为玩家提供通过拥有游戏内资产来货币化其游戏体验的独特机会。















1. 增强的游戏体验:

  • 我们致力于通过扩展现有的测试版来改善玩家体验。
  • 期待游戏性能的提升、吸引人的新功能、视觉升级,以及优化,将“Nervos.Land”提升到一个新的水平。

2. 智能合约:

  • 为了无缝地将NFT和游戏内资产整合到繁荣的CKB生态系统中,我们正在招募一位熟练的RUST开发人员的专业知识。
  • 他们将负责创建支撑动态游戏经济的稳健CKB智能合约。

3. Unity开发:

  • 我们的Unity开发团队将专注于适应和优化在线环境中的游戏。
  • 他们的任务是确保所有玩家都能享受到无缝、沉浸式和无故障的游戏体验。

4. 游戏设计:

  • 打造引人入胜、沉浸式和迷人的游戏体验至关重要。
  • 我们的专门游戏叙事设计师将不懈地使玩家着迷和娱乐。

5. 后端基础设施增强:

  • **服务器容量提升:**我们的后端开发人员将优化服务器架构,以确保其能够处理大得多的玩家基础。我们正在谈论的是支持成千上万并发玩家的能力。

  • **负载均衡魔法:**负载均衡器将被战略性部署以均匀分配流量,确保每个人的游戏体验顺畅。没有延迟,没有小问题。

  • **数据库优化:**我们正在重构我们的数据库系统,以有效处理增加的数据量。这意味着对游戏内操作和查询的快速响应。

  • **按需可伸缩性:**我们正在实施自动伸缩机制,根据玩家数量的波动动态分配服务器资源。所以,无论你是第一个还是第一百万个玩家,你都将体验到一流的性能。

  • **安全加固:**随着更大的玩家基础,对安全的关注也增加了。我们正在加强后端安全协议,以保护玩家数据和资产。


里程碑 - 我们提议将预算分为不同的阶段,每个阶段都有其目标:

1. 测试版改进(10%):

  • **游戏体验增强:**深入研究游戏机制,引入吸引玩家的战略元素。预计将有新功能、战术深度和平衡的游戏体验。
  • **视觉升级:**我们的艺术团队将施展魔法,用令人惊叹的视觉效果、沉浸式动画和吸引眼球的效果丰富游戏世界。
  • **玩家参与:**实施机制,从第一次点击开始就吸引玩家,确保他们沉迷于“Nervos.Land”。

2. 智能合约集成(30%)

  • 我们区块链集成的核心包括开发、严格审计和部署CKB智能合约。
  • 这些合约将赋予游戏内的NFT生态系统力量,为玩家开启激动人心的可能性。

3. 在线扩展(30%)

  • 服务器容量扩展:优化服务器架构,以容纳大量玩家的涌入,使成千上万的玩家能够同时探索游戏。
  • 负载均衡掌握:实施负载均衡器,均匀分配流量,确保无延迟和响应灵敏的游戏环境。
  • 数据库效率:改造数据库系统,以高效处理增加的数据量,确保对玩家互动的快速响应。
  • 自动扩展:部署自动扩展机制,根据玩家数量波动动态分配服务器资源。
  • 增强安全性:加强后端安全协议,以保护在不断增长的玩家社区中的玩家数据和游戏内资产。

4. 最终增强和测试(20%):

  • 游戏性微调:精炼游戏机制,平衡角色能力,并确保和谐的游戏体验。
  • 消除漏洞:通过严格的测试和调试过程,识别并消除潜伏的漏洞或错误。
  • 全面测试:进行广泛和压力测试,以确保服务器能够承受高峰负载并保持性能。
  • 性能优化:优化各种设备的游戏性能,确保跨平台的流畅游戏体验。

5. 发布和社区参与(10%):

  • 壮观发布:协调“Nervos.Land”的盛大发布活动,确保全球玩家都能投入游戏。
  • 社区参与:启动社区参与活动,包括论坛、社交媒体活动和游戏内活动,以培养活跃的玩家社区。
  • 反馈渠道:建立反馈渠道,收集玩家见解,并根据社区输入不断改进游戏。















This game looks quite interesting, thank you for bringing such a game to the Nervos community. In your proposal, you mentioned that the game would promote the growth of CKB ecosystem. Could you explain how exactly this would be achieved through specific game mechanisms? I think it’s not convincing enough if it only serves as an entry point into the Nervos ecosystem, similar to the wallet project in the previous proposal.


Interesting idea! CKB needs a game. :heart_eyes:
Perhaps we need to assign specific dates to each stage within the milestone, then check on each date, and upon the completion of each stage, allocate a corresponding proportion of the budget to the project team as per your indicated ratio? :thinking:
BTW, can you show a demo to us now?


Hi guys, I was really happy to see you move to building on L1, it’s great to see you put forward a proposal!

I think this might be the first proposal for an L1 App we have had in the DAO, so it’s exciting to see.

What I would like to know is how you are going to integrate some of the unique features of CKB L1 into the game?


Thanks for your interest to us!

The growth of the CKB ecosystem through “Nervos.Land” will be achieved by integrating unique game mechanisms that utilize CKB’s features. This integration goes beyond just providing an entry point; it includes the use of CKB smart contracts for in-game NFTs and assets, enhancing player engagement and promoting CKB token adoption. Additionally, the game will showcase the capabilities of the CKB blockchain in a gaming context, potentially attracting more developers and users to the ecosystem.


Thank you for your support, Yeti!
In integrating CKB L1’s unique features into ‘Nervos.Land,’ we’re focusing on utilizing its decentralized identity and UDT (User-Defined Token) capabilities. Our game will allow players to establish a secure identity on CKB, ensuring safe and seamless interactions within the game. Additionally, by leveraging CKB’s UDT, we’ll enable players to create, own, and trade in-game assets as NFTs on the blockchain, adding a layer of complexity and value to the gaming experience. This not only showcases CKB’s technical strengths but also aligns perfectly with our vision of a fully immersive and interactive NFT strategy game.


Game development is a highly dynamic process, making pinpointing specific timelines difficult.
Even large-scale projects avoid setting fixed dates due to the unpredictability involved.

Nevertheless, we can establish a general timeframe for our milestones to keep the project on track. The idea of allocating the budget, particularly every 30 days, sounds great and can motivate the team.

So, as you know, all timeframes are estimations and can vary based on numerous factors inherent to game development. That is why we can’t bind each milestone for each 30-day payment, but we will run a blog of development and will post what was done in the game after each payment.

BTW, We are open to community suggestions about organizing this process correctly.

As for the demo, the current one for Godwoken is currently being disassembled. We aim to have a new demo ready after we reach our second milestone. We’re excited to share it with you and the community once it’s ready.


I played hundreds of hours of Age of empires when I was younger, so I’ve always loved the idea of Nervos Lands, being that it looks to be a similar style of game. (I’m hoping with some sort of battle/competition aspect?)

Because of this I’m probably going to be an easy yes on this proposal, but from what I’ve seen from this DAO since it’s been around, most members here don’t take their votes lightly and are going to want to see exactly how the game is going to benefit CKB, both over the short and long term.

Of course, just being a successful game will bring the benefit of introducing new users to CKB who may go on to being CKB holders and community members, this is an easy one.

But I think it would help your chance of success here a lot if you can think of ways to integrate and make some of CKBs core features essential to the game.

I understand that this may mean redesigning some parts of the game to make them L1 specific, but building an app on L1 should be done because it needs to be, not always just because it can. JoyId and dotbit being the obvious examples.

A couple of things I can think of right now are:

(1) Using CKB’s multi-chain wallet ability similar to the way people purchase dotbit accounts. This would mean players from outside the CKB ecosystem could start playing the game, without even knowing or caring that it is built on CKB.

(2) Using Spore NFTs in the game. This probably wouldn’t be suitable for all the NFTs, but you could possibly make use of Spore for some important and valuable NFTs.

I also noticed in the latest Spore docs, that there was a way to make the Spore NFTs permanent and not able to be destroyed and converted back to the underlying CKB. This would be a great way to lock up CKB, almost creating a type of burn mechanism.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts, good luck with the proposal!


Your reference to the countless hours spent on Age of Empires resonates deeply with us. Our team draws inspiration from classic strategy games like Age of Empires, and we’ll infuse it with elements of competition and battle that fans of the genre love.

Yes, when I see such projects as JoyID and Spore Protocol I believe that the CKB ecosystem is ready for gaming projects too.

About NFTs, I also was an active user of the Mibao platform and Cipher’s team helped me to develop a Telegram bot above their API.
So, NFTs are already well-tested.

Thank you for your enthusiastic and insightful response!


I tried playing the demo but it took a long time to load and I couldn’t open it. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with my computer or the demo itself. From what I’ve seen in gameplay videos on YouTube, it seems that the characters in the game are a kind of NFT.

In the Web2 world, there are many more well developed strategy games. I want to know what sets Nervos Land apart from them. I’m not referring to the difference of putting game assets on the blockchain, but rather, I’m interested in the specific game mechanics that are used to attract players and encourage them to invest time or money in this game.

Additionally, it might be beneficial to consider incorporating metrics like Daily Active Users and in-game trade volumes in the initial milestones. This could potentially offer a clearer illustration of Nervos Land’s significant potential.


I tried playing the demo but it took a long time to load and I couldn’t open it. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with my computer or the demo itself. From what I’ve seen in gameplay videos on YouTube, it seems that the characters in the game are a kind of NFT.

The initial version of our game was created during a hackathon, and since then, we’ve been refining the concept and strategy for its development. Looks like we should hide that demo page.

While we haven’t released any new versions to the public yet, due to various considerations, we have a clear vision for its rollout. Our current focus is on developing a robust PC version, followed by a tailored mobile version. We’ve decided not to pursue a web version at this stage, as we believe dedicating our efforts to PC and mobile platforms will better serve our goals and audience.

In the Web2 world, there are many more well-developed strategy games. I want to know what sets Nervos Land apart from them. I’m not referring to the difference of putting game assets on the blockchain, but rather, I’m interested in the specific game mechanics that are used to attract players and encourage them to invest time or money in this game.

While it’s tempting to draw parallels between traditional and blockchain gaming, a key distinction sets them apart: in blockchain games, players have true ownership of their in-game assets. This fundamental difference, although not yet standardized across the industry, is pivotal. While we aspire to rival the top games in this genre, we recognize that as long as players are unaware of this critical distinction, blockchain games face a challenging competitive landscape. Our goal is to bridge this understanding gap, highlighting the unique value proposition of blockchain gaming, where player ownership is central. This understanding is crucial for blockchain games to thrive and compete effectively with their non-blockchain counterparts. What if CKB could be a major blockchain for this industry?!

Additionally, it might be beneficial to consider incorporating metrics like Daily Active Users and in-game trade volumes in the initial milestones. This could potentially offer a clearer illustration of Nervos Land’s significant potential.

Your suggestion to include metrics such as Daily Active Users and in-game trade volumes in our milestones is indeed insightful. It’s a valuable idea, particularly for the later stages of our project development. However, at the outset, we might need to focus more on foundational aspects like gameplay mechanics, stability, and user experience. Once these core elements are firmly established and the game gains traction, incorporating these metrics into our milestones would provide a clearer illustration of ‘Nervos Land’s’ growth and potential. It’s definitely something we plan to integrate as we progress and can reliably track and report such metrics.

Moreover, it’s crucial to acknowledge that without self-sufficiency, any project is at risk. Ensuring that the game is self-sustaining from both a technical and economic standpoint will be a key focus throughout its development.


Thank you for your detailed explanation! :blush:

Could you please share the current size of your team? Also, are you considering hiring additional members?

Besides, I’d like to understand how you plan to utilize the requested CKB funding for this purpose.

Thank you once again for your patience. :pray:


At present, our team consists of two members. We adopt a dynamic approach to expanding our team, strategically hiring additional members based on project requirements and timelines.

The allocated CKB funding will primarily be utilized to achieve critical milestones in our project. Most funds will be assigned to hiring essential team members, including developers, designers, and testers. This is crucial to ensuring the successful and timely execution of our project. The funds will be utilized to cover their salaries and ensure we have a skilled and dedicated team.

In addition to team expansion, a substantial portion of the funding will be directed toward enhancing our server infrastructure. This is essential for optimizing the performance and scalability of our project and meeting our users’ expectations and demands. We aim to allocate resources efficiently, ensuring that the funding contributes directly to our project’s successful development and deployment, providing a positive experience for all users.


It’s great to see that your project is still pushing it forward after all this time. I remember playing the demo during the hackathon several years ago.

I see that a large portion of your budget is around smart contracts. Could you give more details on exactly how blockchain assets will be used with the game?


Great to connect with you here! Indeed, those were exciting times, and we’re trying the idea we were born during the hackathon.

Regarding the smart contracts component of our budget, you’re right to point out its significance. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, Rust developers, particularly those with blockchain experience, are among the most sought-after and will cost. Secondly, we plan to include a thorough audit in this milestone to ensure the highest security and functionality standards. I know, it looks fantastic, but we will try.

As for how blockchain assets will be integrated into the game, our primary focus is on the playable characters and the land. Players will have the ability to mint and own their characters, making each character a unique asset within the ‘Nervos Land’ universe. Moreover, the land within the game will also hold significant value; the more a player develops their land, the more valuable it becomes. These are just a couple of the ways we’re integrating blockchain assets, and we have many more innovative ideas in the pipeline that we’re eager to explore as the game develops.


Is there something you are trying to do that requires something beyond basic NFT functionality? If your needs are basic, then there are shortcuts you can take for integration.