[DIS] Nervos Campus Invasion: Mass Blockchain Education

Nervos Campus Invasion: Mass Blockchain Education

Baani Benjamin

[email protected]

Blockchain in Ghana is known by only few people with a large population not aware of it. What effort needs to be taken to get the Ghanaian people starting from students in campuses to know about it and subsequently leverage it?

Embark on a series of campus seminars, meetups and conferences where students will be exposed to the Nervos blockchain/ecosystem and how they can make use of available opportunities in the blockchain.


Four (4) months



  1. Documentation and compilation of outputs: We will gather all the necessary materials, presentations, reports, data, photographs, videos and other artifacts generated as a result of our project delivery: organize them in monthly reports in a way that makes them easily understandable by community members.
  2. Community engagement (Social media sharing): Outputs will be shared on relevant social media platforms especially so that community members can have access to them.
  3. Open source content: All materials and content used in the project delivery will be made public and hence available.
  4. TH: There might be the need to address some issues and questions of community members regarding our project, in such a case, town halls will be organized online to address such issues.

Any blockchain/ecosystem that seeks to thrive and reap immense positive impact must look for the best and suitable places to sow seeds. Campuses are definitely appropriate grounds with hot cake minds and top notch ideas that can leverage Nervos blockchain and return a positive impact. Educating students about the Nervos network and blockchain in general will mean a lot for the Nervos network in Ghana and subsequently globally, as students have brilliant diversified ideas which can leverage the Nervos blockchain to build solutions to real world issues. Nervos is in a competitive market with over thousand of blockchains, so the Nervos network should embrace and support projects that can always keep the ecosystem thriving in such a demanding space.
In light of this, this proposal seeks to reach out to the door steps of students through our conferences in universities and colleges to get them informed about the Nervos blockchain and how they can contribute.
Before we kick start our conferences, we will have massive publicity (especially using social media channels) of which we will be able to reach out to students creating their awareness of the upcoming conferences so that they can attend.
Ending quote: “Students cannot be undermined because individuals who have made global impact in any field/sector were once students even if they dropped out”- Benjamin Baani

We are blockchain educators in Ghana for sometime now and by our efforts many Ghanaians especially students have become active in the blockchain world especially in cardano blockchain.
Benjamin Baani (Team lead, resource person): A blockchain enthusiast. Attended a number of blockchain conferences and was a speaker at Cardano’s 2022 summit held in Tamale, Ghana, and it was the largest blockchain in Tamale. Has also educated a number of Ghanaian students about blockchain (especially the cardano ecosystem/blockchain) and those students are now doing well in the blockchain world. A graduate of University of Development Studies, Wa, Ghana.

Jeremiah Baani (Resource person): A cardano ambassador. Organized and facilitated a number of blockchain conferences in Ghana where a number of people were educated including the largest blockchain summit in Tamale, Ghana for cardano. A tutor.

Blockchain technology is taking over the globe and hence a mass adoption of it will depend on educating people to be aware, and with our project we will be able to get people well informed about the Nervos blockchain. This intend will bring about an adoption of the blockchain and development of real world solutions to issues.
There is little adoption of blockchain in Ghana and it is because there is little effort in educating Ghanaians about blockchain. We the team have seen the need and we have therefore risen up to the task.


  1. Raise Nervos awareness by introducing students to the blockchain. We will achieve this through our conferences where students will be educated and introduced to Nervos.

  2. Provide funding through Nervos grant program for students. We will help brilliant student projects to receive a possible funding through the grants program.

  3. Make Nervos vibrant in schools. We will establish Nervos clubs to make the ecosystem vibrant in schools we have held conferences.

  4. Establish student-student networking and collaboration. Student participants in our conferences get to work together in groups and also work together to develop solutions to real world issues.


  1. One of the critical considerations of the Nervos grants program is ecosystem growth. With this project there will be the growth of the ecosystem because we will reach out to Ghanaian students in schools and hence lead to a greater awareness and adoption of Nervos.

  2. In return, students get to build real world solutions to real world issues leveraging the Nervos blockchain and that will create more value heightened light of Nervos blockchain.

We have held many blockchain conferences including cardano and ICP.

Convened and hosted the 2022 Cardano Summit in Tamale, Ghana which was the largest blockchain summit ever hosted in Tamale. The summit ended successfully and all participants were well educated and nicely received and refreshed. Have also organized and facilitated successfully community events, some in Northern Ghana and in Kumasi with support from Wada. We have also held campus conferences where students were educated about blockchain and many of the students today are active in the cardano ecosystem. As a result of past events and conferences we have held, we have been able to garner enough experience in hosting and facilitating projects like this successfully.


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsQtjgRJSp8&t=101s
  2. https://www.cteil.org/
  3. https://twitter.com/baanibenjamin
  4. https://youtu.be/xcLSMPttZJ0?si=sM_FzYQ59XmEeosR
  5. https://twitter.com/Jerrybnj
  6. https://youtube.com/@cteilblockchainacademy7328


  1. School management may take time in approving or granting us permission into school premises to hold events
    Mitigation measure: In such a case, we will mitigate this risk by sending letters earlier to management to get permission early enough.

  2. Peradventure there is shortage of funds, Mitigation measure: A contingency amount carefully thought of will suffice.

Milestone 1: Project Development, Planning, Marketing and Project Delivery (Phase 1).
Objectives and scope of the project get defined

  1. Develop detailed project plan with timelines, tasks and resources required.
  2. Marketing and publicizing conferences to reach the target audience making use of various channels such as social media, flyers and local media outlet to publicize our conferences.
  3. Setup registration and check-in processes.
  4. First phase of convening and facilitating campus conferences takes place.
    5.Acquisition of means of transport
    6.Transition into milestone 2.
    Timeline: 2 months
    Estimated cost: $35,000

Milestone 2: Project Delivery Continued (Phase 2 and 3) and Evaluation

  1. Second and third phase of convening and 2. facilitating campus conferences takes place.
  2. Collect feedback from participants (students).
  3. Analyze events’ success based on predefined objectives.
  4. Prepare a comprehensive project report.
  5. Evaluate opportunities for future events or initiatives based on the project’s impact.
    Timeline: months
    Estimated cost: $30,000

142 subscribers on Youtube, yet you want $65,000? Is CKB Community Fund DAO turning into a charity fund? :unamused:


Thanks for your comment sir
However, you maybe undermining our efforts using only YouTube subscribers.
We have have a website and I encourage that you have a look and see what has been done
Again we don’t consider CKB as a charity organization
Thank you

Then, please clarify why you need $65,000?

Specifically, $16,250 per month for two person? (i.e. around 8K per person / month). That’s nuts.

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Please do you think the budget is huge?
What are you suggesting?
Maybe it’s best to put out our budget breakdown
Also we will have local campus organizers which we can’t make available for now. The two members are the resource persons

I can’t support this initiative due to insufficient success history from your previous works. Sorry. I’m out.

Our success is in the links provided
However, thank you

From Google,

What is the average living wage in Ghana?

Wages Low Skilled: 870.00, GHS/Month
Wages High Skilled:, 2030.00, GHS/Month
Living Wage Individual, 900.00, GHS/Month
Living Wage Family, 1720.00, GHS/Month

Median income for Ghana (per capita) is around $100 USD per month.

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Hi Benjamin, thanks for putting forward your proposal.

CKB is highly complex, maybe more so than any other blockchain and I don’t think that people currently from outside the network/community are the right people to be showcasing it.

I also think it’s nearly impossible to put a value on a proposal like this and be able to look back at it and judge whether it was value for money or not.

So I personally won’t be voting for this for those reasons.






hi Baani - appreciate your interest in furthering the awareness of CKB.

I see that you were an ambassador for Cardano, regarding the Nervos community, have you been active for some time?

I do share others’ view that the requested budget is high. It does help to have all parties this would be intended to fund laid out in detail, I noticed you mentioned that there were others beyond 2 people that were not specified in the proposal.

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Thank you for the response sir/madam Yeti
So a project which is education and community event driven is not welcome?

Thank you sir Matt.bit
I am young to the Nervos network
Do you suggest I review my budget please?

Thank you so much sir/madam totop
Your reply means a lot to me at this current time
We look forward to an expansion of the Nervos ecosystem

Hi Baani - I think you should first spend some time in the community to become a master of Nervos before teaching others.

I learn and understand faster
However thank you for the professional help sir

Hi Benjamin, everyone is more than welcome to submit proposals, but I just don’t think Nervos/CKB can be well explained by people that haven’t spent a lot of time trying to understand it.