[DIS] Implement KYC in grant program

Hi, everyone. I have looked at the Ethereum Foundation’s grant rules and discovered that they actually require to submit KYC before allowing to apply for the grants.

From their FAQ session: “Mostly, yes. We are legally required to perform KYC before transferring funds to you, and will need to know your real identity to complete that process. However, we are happy to keep that information confidential outside of the few members of the EF team involved in KYC processing, and use a pseudonym or omit your name entirely in any communications that will be visible to anyone else.”

@JackyLHH @matt.bit We should consider and copycat Ethereum’s successful grant program scheme for the better grant foundation.


Also eligibility from Ethereum Foundation Grants:


We are happy to hear from all kinds of contributors who are working within our scope:

  • Individuals, teams or organizations.
  • Established projects, newcomers to Ethereum, past grantees or applicants.
  • Any area of expertise - we work with developers, researchers, academics, designers, educators, communicators, community organizers, and more.
  • Projects at any point in the development process: just an idea, early stages, proof of concept, or with significant progress already made. However, we do not fund past work.
  • Builders of any age, origin, identity or background.

What is NOT eligible

  • Anything that is not legal within the jurisdiction where the work is taking place.
  • Financial products (trading, investment products, lending, betting etc).
  • Projects with a planned token launch or public funding round.
  • Art projects or charities that don’t fit within our scope.

@CKBish can you share the downside risk this intends to mitigate?