Developers needed for the Rise of The nano Titan

Hello everyone,

I’m Telmo. You might recognize me from various places such as social media, the occasional engagement in the Nervos Nation Telegram group, or perhaps from the recent grant application for Telmo Talks. Some of you may even know me from my recent participation on Nervapes. I’ve been a dedicated supporter of the Nervos network and its ecosystem for quite some time, from the early days of Layer 1 to Godwoken, and now back to Layer 1 and RGB++. Throughout this time, my aim has always been to add my contribute and create something enjoyable and valuable to enhance visibility and substance for the Nervos Network in general. With that being said, I want to share an update on the journey to bring “Rise of the Nano Titan” to life on the Nervos Network.

What is the Rise of the Nano Titan?

The “Rise of the Nano Titan” is an immersive tale in the form of comic books featuring three heroes, Barky, Victoria, and Jorge, battling against the malevolent Horux and its demons. What sets this saga apart is its innovative use of blockchain technology, offering fans collectible digital items in the form of NFTs or DOBs. These tokens represent characters, moments from the story, and even book covers, allowing fans to feel deeply involved in the narrative. It’s more than just a story; it’s a collaborative adventure where fans will be able to connect, collect, and contribute to the ongoing narrative.

Since the beginning of this adventure, our goal has been to create a comics saga that deeply resonates with our audience. However, we’ve hit a challenge along the way.

Who are we you ask?

The core team consists of the following members:

Telmo (Me): Twitter
Albert: Twitter
Vivek: Twitter

While working on creating an engaging digital experience, we teamed up with developers to develop a solution for EVMs (Godwoken, BSC, Polygon). Although some have put in commendable effort, the results haven’t quite matched our vision and the execution hasn’t captured what we imagined for the “Rise of the Nano Titan.”

We are currently rethinking our strategy and focus to attempt a full launch on Nervos Network Layer 1, using protocols like Spore or CoTA.

Related documentation:

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  2. Spore:

Looking ahead, we’ll definitly want to explore oher equally innovative ways to promote our graphic novel experience using the RGB++ protocol and DOBs to take our storytelling to new heights.

Now, we can’t do this alone. We need support and expertise that we do not have to overcome these challenges and ensure that the “Rise of the Nano Titan” becomes the immersive, captivating experience we’ve imagined it to be. If you or someone you know has the skills and passion to help us, we’d love for you to join us on this journey.

What we are trying to find

The project requires a developer with expertise in utilizing protocols such as CoTa or Spore, with familiarity in RGB++ being an advantageous asset. These protocols are fundamental to the blockchain infrastructure and will be crucial in implementing various functionalities within the project.

Additionally, the developer must possess the skills to code a decentralized application (dApp) environment. Involves creating the frontend and backend components of the application, ensuring interaction with the blockchain and a user-friendly experience.

Integration with the JoyID wallet is another key requirement.

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While these requirements constitute the core technical aspects of the project, the remaining tasks are expected to be relatively straightforward. However, for further details on the project scope and specific requirements, interested developers are encouraged to reach out directly for more information.

Together, I believe we can push this project forward, driven by a shared commitment to innovation and excellence and overcome these hurdles to bring “Rise of the Nano Titan” to life in a way that truly reflects the spirit of our community.

Thank you for your ongoing support.
Feel free to reach out to ny of us.


我是Telmo。你们可能从各种地方认识我,比如社交媒体,偶尔在Nervos Nation Telegram群中互动,或者最近在Telmo Talks的拨款申请中看到。有些人甚至可能认识我,因为我最近参与了Nervapes。我长期以来一直是Nervos网络及其生态系统的忠实支持者,从Layer 1的早期到Godwoken,再到现在的Layer 1和RGB++。在这段时间里,我的目标一直是为Nervos网络增添一份贡献,创造一些有趣而有价值的东西,以提升Nervos网络的可见性和实质性。说了这么多,我想分享一下让 “Rise of the Nano Titan” 在Nervos网络上实现的旅程的最新进展。

《Rise of the Nano Titan》是什么?

《Rise of the Nano Titan》是一部以漫画书形式呈现的沉浸式故事,讲述了三位英雄Barky、Victoria和Jorge与邪恶的Horux及其恶魔的斗争。这个传奇故事的独特之处在于它创新地使用了区块链技术,为粉丝们提供了可收藏的数字物品,形式包括NFT或DOB。这些代币代表了角色、故事中的片段,甚至书的封面,让粉丝们能够深度参与故事情节。它不仅仅是一个故事,更是一次协作冒险,粉丝们将能够连接、收藏并为持续发展的叙事做出贡献。





在致力于创建引人入胜的数字体验的同时,我们与开发人员合作,开发出了用于EVMs(Godwoken,BSC,Polygon)的解决方案。尽管一些人付出了值得称赞的努力,但结果并没有完全符合我们的愿景,执行也没有达到我们对 “Rise of the Nano Titan” 的想象。

我们目前正在重新思考我们的战略和重点,以尝试在Nervos网络Layer 1上进行全面推出,使用诸如Spore或CoTA等协议。


  1. CoTa: 链接
  2. Spore: 链接


现在,我们无法独自完成这个任务。我们需要支持和专业知识,以克服这些挑战,并确保 “Rise of the Nano Titan” 成为我们所想象的沉浸式、引人入胜的体验。如果你或你认识的人具有帮助我们的技能和热情,我们很乐意邀请你加入我们的旅程。






  1. 链接


我相信,我们共同致力于创新和卓越,我们可以推动这个项目向前发展,克服这些障碍,以一种真正反映我们社区精神的方式将 “Rise of the Nano Titan” 带到现实中。



Please also send referrals for anyone who has experience with Nervos L1 protocols.