Could we compare MoonBem with Godwoken+ Polyjuice?

Moonbeam,as the only EVM-compatbiale parachain on Polkadot.
It is similar with the role of Godwoken+Polyjuice on Nervos ,and it also support ETH address to be used on their parachain.
Maybe we can take some advantage from their website and doc.

Btw switch the network on Metamask directly seems a necessary step, and the user experience of that must be better than users’ adding network RPC on Metamask by themselves.

Not sure in the future, our EVM compatible layer could have the feature or not, though I admit it is not very tough skill I guess for senior devs. However,it gian the user experience a lot .
Be free to check EIP3085 and the doc of metamask for introducing the wallet_addEthereumChain method

Of course, it doesn’t mean that all the operation should be like them, but provide something interesting I found from them.

Here is also an interesting signal I found from Bankless’s article when I do some investigation of Moonbeam.

The author talking about the integration of Moonbeam with Sushiswap(Though there is any dApp on Moonbeam):

Wherever there’s DeFi, Sushi’s going. They want to be a hub for liquidity on any chain.

Maybe it also a chance to integrate some famous AMM or DeFi project who are eager to broad their liquidity as the moat of their product when it would like to compete with the first one in DeFi filed.
Sushiswap v.s. Uniswap (No1)
Lending protocol v.s. Aave (No1)
Synthetic asset protocol v.s. Synthetix (No1)
Yield Aggravator v.s. Yearn(No1)