Could Someone Guidance on Developing a DApp Using Nervos Network?

Hello there,

As an aspiring blockchain developer, I am fascinated by the potential of decentralized applications to revolutionize various industries and enhance the way we interact with digital services. After thorough research; I have chosen the Nervos Network for its unique architecture; scalability solutions; and commitment to decentralization.

Although, as I Start on this journey; I find myself facing several challenges and uncertainties. I am particularly interested in understanding the best practices for developing DApps on the Nervos Network; including;

What are the recommended architectural patterns for building DApps on Nervos? How can I design my DApp to leverage the advantages of the Nervos Network; such as Layer 2 scaling solutions and interoperability?

What development tools and libraries are available for building DApps on Nervos? Are there any recommended frameworks or SDKs that streamline the development process?

What programming languages can I use to write smart contracts for the Nervos Network? Are there any specific considerations or best practices I should be aware of when writing smart contracts for Nervos?

Also, I have gone through this post: which definitely helped me out a lot.

What are the recommended approaches for testing and deploying DApps on the Nervos Network? Are there any testing frameworks or deployment strategies that I should prioritize?

How can I actively engage with the Nervos community to seek guidance; share ideas; and collaborate on DApp development projects?

Thankyou in advance for your help and assistance.


Hey @natliarelish, glad to have you here!! :hugs: I’m an independed developer creating a DApp on Nervos, so I might be able to answer a few questions. Keep in mind Nervos L1 is based on the Cell model, so not an EVM.

Quoting my favourite Nervos DevRel @jm9k:

Here are the two places to check out if you want to get started on L1. You can also get assistance in the #dev-chat channel on Nervos’ Discord server.

On my side I started with L1 Developer Training Course and asked lots of questions to everybody on the way, especially to @jm9k and @homura, the maintainer of Lumos, the most widely used Nervos L1 framework.

I like to keep things as simple as possible, similarly to how it’s detailed in the courses. That said, there are emerging trends of moving data to the Witnesses. This avoids state rent. Given the appreciation of CKB, this is a smart move. As bonus, while it’s pretty complex, to get an idea of future trends already happening, you may want to check out CoBuild and Cobuild OTX.

  • For scaling solutions see the CoBuild OTX previously linked.
  • Nervos Godwoken is a layer 2 fully EVM compatible, but it didn’t really succeed in its usage.
  • Khalani is a work-in-progress Nervos project in the direction you are interested and coincidentally they have a job opening.

That should help you get started, back to building :muscle: