Hey Folks,
Long time CKB investor (11/21), first time caller, so to speak.:slight_smile:
Though not a techie, so certainly not contributing anything of worth in that arena, the lack of interest here, along with no apparent rush to address it, has been a deep concern of mine, for quite some time now. All while watching this issue drop to just above all time lows. Not good!
But I don’t believe one has to be (a techie) to understand communications and what happens through poor/improper use or lack thereof, altogether. It leads to lack of interest, at best, and mistrust and bad word of mouth, at worst. And bad word of mouth has always and still does, travel faster and further than anything of a positive nature.
That said, I clicked on a youtube link for Nervos Network informational videos and found that the last one was 3mos ago. Technical developments/issues aside, it’s no wonder that there’s been no sustained interest in CKB. I mean, really!? Come on, man!:slight_smile: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Here’s a thought (at least:). Why not do a weekly youtube video and or a daily podcast? Even if there’s nothing Nervos related worth talking about, there’s got to be something pertinent, industry wide, to kill 15-30min on, just to keep the brand out there! Sheesh, come on folks, chop, chop…daddy needs new shoes!(lmao!)
Well, that’s it from me! Back to lurking in the shadows.:wink:

BWTA, Lou Sieber


Hi Lou- we do hashing it out monthly

The issue we’ve run into before with weekly Twitter spaces is that we ran dry on topics and ended up harping on similar topics like pow, centralization, government intervention etc and it felt better to step back

Imo we need the right gang (first time caller heh), a morning show is all about it’s cast of characters

Well, should you folks find yourselves in need of someone to fill a slot, I’ve been told that I’m quite the ‘character’. :woozy_face:
Thanks for the reply. And should you otherwise need any other nuggets of wisdom, just let me know. :flushed::slight_smile:

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