CKB tokens stuck in DAO

The DAO is saying “cycle ended, CKB ready to be unlocked” under my deposit, but clicking on the unlock button does nothing.

I tried withdrawing it recently but fucked up the password (it’s been over 3 years lol… I have a LOT of passwords), and it’s showing up in History as pending.

Seems like it just needs to cancel the pending one somehow before it will allow me to unlock, but how do I do this?

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You must have got the password correct if it allowed you to withdraw.

If you click on the pending transaction and then ‘view in explorer’ what is the transaction status in the explorer?

If the txn is completed, this must just be a visual issue in Neuron. Make sure you are synced 100%, close and then reopen Neuron, or clear the cache.

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Thanks for getting back to me.

I checked it on the blockchain explorer thing and it couldn’t find the transaction, so I deleted the cache a while ago. Just waiting on it to sync again. I think you’re right though, the withdraw transactions aren’t in the history and the pending one is gone.


Nope, hasn’t sorted it.

The pending transaction is gone from the history list. It says transaction success.

The DAO is showing this:

The unlock button doesn’t work, and it won’t allow me to unlock. It’s still showing up the same amount in the “locked amount”, yet when I look at the history detail page for the succesful transaction the amount shows up.

I’m out of ideas, I think this is some kind of bug that needs looking at. It’s like it’s withdrawn it from the DAO, but also not withdrawn it and my CKB is stuck in limbo somewhere.

It shows up here, yet the amount isn’t in my wallet and still is displayed as in the DAO.

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How many CKB do you have outside of NervosDAO? You need a minimum of 62 CKB outside the DAO to unlock the deposit.

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There was about 1000 or 999.

It’s all fixed, I updated Neuron and cleared the cache. It’s unlocked and back out of the DAO in my wallet.

Phew! That was stressful, I thought I’d lost almost a million CKB lmao.