CKB Testnet Common Address Format Update

Relevant RFC:

In order to reduce the address length and reduce the same prefix by a few bits, the 4-byte index in the address format is changed to 1 byte.

Old address example: ckt1q9gry5zgvkprd780vqhlspq8gq5j0engkvwaqj350nxwq8
New address example: ckt1qyqd5eyygtdmwdr7ge736zw6z0ju6wsw7rssu8fcve

Optimized release time: 2019.7.27, CKB v0.17

  • CKB Explorer already supports the new version address
  • ckb-cli already supports the new version address, which will convert the old address directly to the new address (resolve lock_arg from the original address and generate a new address)
  • How will this affect you?
    • After the address format change, the user cannot find the information on the browser using the old address.
    • It will not affect the outcome of the mining competition! We have recorded the relevant data of the mining competition. The participants only need to save the privkey to be able to received the rewards upon mainnet launch.
  • Use util key-info in ckb-cli to see the address of the old and new formats

The blockchain is secured by cryptography, and this revision does not compromise on security. For more details, please check:

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