CKB on SafePal

I have sent my CKB from MEXC to my SafePal. These are now also displayed (also with value), but the transaction has not yet been confirmed. I can see my CKB address and the TXID in the MEXC transaction history. However, when I enter this TXID in Nervos Explorer, I see a different address. What is correct?

CKB has different address formats. This means that the same address can be displayed in different formats. Therefore it is surely the same address. In the MEXC transaction history it appears in one format and in CKB explorer in another format.

In the explorer you can change the address format by clicking on:

You can also use this tool:

By the way, if the funds have already arrived at Safepal the transaction has already been made at CKB. I’m not sure what you mean by not confirmed.

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I don’t see any transaction history in Safepal and it also says “Unlock Withdrawal”.

Can I simply change the address to mine?

I don’t understand you. If you have sent from MEXC to Safepal and it has not arrived in your Safepal and the transaction does not appear confirmed in the explorer, then your CKB are in the custody of MEXC. Open a support ticket at MEXC. As Phill told you on Telegram, a transaction in CKB usually takes approximately 4 minutes, about 24 block confirmations. But when you send from a CEX you depend on the moment in which the CEX decides to send the transaction, for example cryptocom often takes more than 24 hours to send.

If you already have your funds in Safepal, I refer to my previous message.

The unlock withdrawal function has nothing to do with your case. It refers to withdrawals from Godwoken v0 to L1 through an old Safepal bridge. Regarding Safepal’s history, that is something about Safepal and its interface, you will have to talk to them.