CKB 3 year anniversary AMA

As we approach 3 year anniversary of CKB mainnet, I want to create a topic for us to ask any question about Nervos. Core team and the Chinese community are organizing a similar event recently, we can post any questions in English in this topic as well, people will look at this!

Any question is welcomed, no matter it’s L2 (godwoken / axon) or L1/L2 dev experience / tooling or anything in general.

Project ideas are also welcomed! Maybe there’s a usecase you have in mind and some dev seeing the post will build it!

I asked this on twitter but nobody answered yet.

Inflation Q for @NervosNetwork

Why did Nominal Inflation (supposed to be around 11% based on Nervos Explorer) increase All cell count 56% just in the last 6 months from 18.6M to 29M cells? Live cells had an impressive BUT lesser 46% growth in same period from .777M to 1.1M.


All cell count on CKB Explorer does not match the Total Supply count on CKB Explorer. Total supply seems to represent the true inflation. So I guess my question is what is All cells and how/why is it different to Total Supply?

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My understanding is cell count has no direct relation to total supply. How much CKB a cell contains depends on how much data (measured in bytes) used on by that cell. So you could have 1 cell contains 100 CKB and another contains 10000 CKB.

That said, I don’t know where newly issued CKB from block reward are stored, either in single cell or new cell for every x CKB issued.

Hope the core team can chime in.