Cell model is a real Inscriptions design

Recently, BTC Inscriptions has gained significant popularity. Compared to assets like ERC20, the asset form that binds to specific UTXOs appears more appealing.

Inscriptions inscribe sats with arbitrary content, creating bitcoin-native digital artifacts, more commonly known as NFTs. Inscriptions do not require a sidechain or separate token.

These inscribed sats can then be transferred using bitcoin transactions, sent to bitcoin addresses, and held in bitcoin UTXOs.


The Cell model used by CKB is derived from BTC’s UTXO model. We can inscribe cells with arbitrary content, tokens, NFTs, books, images, or any other form of data in the form of bits…

The asset standard in CKB is UDT, and each UDT is essentially an asset inscribed on a cell, bound to a specific cell. In fact, sUDT can be referred to as CKB Inscriptions.

CKB Inscriptions have the following advantages over BTC Inscriptions:

  1. The validity of Inscription transactions is fully verified by the network itself, eliminating the need for client verification. This helps prevent invalid mint transactions from wasting network resources.
  2. Due to the Turing completeness of the Cell model, CKB Inscriptions have rich programmability and composability capabilities.

The market for BTC Inscriptions is generally designed based on PSBTs (Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions bips/bip-0370.mediawiki), while CKB currently has an Open Transaction ( rfcs/0046-open-transaction.md, ckb-otx-swap) design that far exceeds the capabilities of PSBTs, enabling support for more diverse transaction forms.

CKB Open Transaction is an extensible transaction format, which allows attaching any attribute to the transaction. It divides transaction construction into multiple small steps, each with a different modularised solution. A modular Open Transaction ecosystem could expand the possibilities for CKB DApps while lowering the barrier to development.

Perhaps we can leverage the current popularity of Inscriptions to promote CKB, the cell model, and the upcoming production-ready Open Transactions.

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