Can't connect Ledger Nano X with Neuron wallet

I am using the Neuron wallet on Windows 8. My Ledger Nano X is updated (latest firmware) and has the Nervos (CKB) app installed (also latest version).

All other wallets are closed (like Ledger Live).

If I try to connect the Ledger with Neuron, there is always the error message that the “app can not be opened”. While trying that the app is opened on the Ledger (but closes itself within seconds).

The Ledger works fine (tested with other wallets/blockchains) and also tried a restart of my computer.

Any ideas? Are there other wallets which support CKB with Ledger?

Update to the latest version of Neuron 116.2 Releases · nervosnetwork/neuron · GitHub

You may need to update your Windows to a newer version btw.


Thanks, worked.