Call for Nervos Core Community Contributors

Common Knowledge Bridge Program

Since we started this project in January of last year, the team has made great progress. We launched the Rylai testnet in May, with over 20,000 addressesparticipating in the testnet as miners. Now we are preparing for the next step on our roadmap: the launch of the Nervos mainnet in the fourth quarter.

Leading up to the mainnet launch, we wanted to thank you, our community members, for helping us in educating and spreading the word about what Nervos is and what we are trying to do. The help and support of our Nervos community are crucial to our ecosystem growth and success.

With that in mind, here are some additional highlights from the past 18 months:

  • Nervos CKB’s framework design has been completed. The most important modules, such as Consensus, Cell Model, CKB Virtual Machine and P2P network protocol, have been implemented and open-sourced on GitHub. You can find the contribution guide here; we welcome open source contributions large and small to the Nervos codebase.
  • The Rust community provides an important part of the Nervos development process: the Request For Comment, or RFC process. All Nervos design documentation is published via the Nervos RFC process , up for comment and iteration by the community. We have outlined the process guidelines here, and welcome you to propose features or comment on current RFCs. Let’s make Nervos the best it can be!
  • Since we launched Nervos, we have held over 50 meetups in 19 cities (San Francisco, Prague, Berlin, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Hanoi, Bangkok, Seoul, NYC, Boston, Taipei, and Miami) with partners in the ecosystem, hosting over 5,000 participants and counting.
  • In terms of online community, there are now more than 1,000 members on the Nervos Forum, more than 2,000 Twitter followers, over 5,000 Wechat subscribers, over 7,000 Telegram subscribers and more than 65,000 newsletter subscribers. Importantly, these are communities of genuine followers since we audit all of our channels regularly to filter out bots and spam. We also have more than 20 community groups around the world with thousands of members.
  • For more details, you can check out our bi-weekly development updatesand monthly community updates.

It will take a village to build the foundation of the decentralized economy. Will you join us in making decentralization a reality? Do you want to bring your community together around cutting-edge blockchain tech and education for the public?

Some of the ways we would love you to contribute:

  • Provide support to testnet users with tutorials/FAQs in creating wallet addresses, mining and transferring tokens
  • Build/moderate your own or an official Nervos online community channel
  • Organize Nervos meetups
  • Translate Nervos whitepapers, developer docs and technical discussions on Nervos forum
  • Create content that explains our technology, design principles and blockchain ecosystem.
  • Write articles about Nervos
  • Make videos/podcast about Nervos
  • Create artwork/graphics for Nervos

If you are interested in becoming a core community contributor of Nervos, please fill out the Nervos Core Community Contributor Application Form to let us know more about yourself and what support you require from the Nervos team.


Team Nervos