Build On Nervos CKB!---Nervos Bi-weekly report #24


  • Recently in our community, there have been some discussions about the implementations on CKB, such as Community DAO, UDT…anyone can attempt what you want to play on Nervos CKB!

  • As of now, the number of CKB deposited in Nervos DAO has reached 100 million (about 8% of the current liquidity). Learn about Nervos DAO or Nervos DAO Explained.


  • CKB v0.26.0-rc1 was released. This version is compatible with Lina Mainnet and Aggron Testnet.

  • For our wallet Neuron, the latest update v0.25.2 fixed several bugs and added new features.

  • More details, please review the previous development updates.


Upcoming events

  • Hainan

    • Dec 6, Daniel(Nervos Co-founder)will have a panel about thoughts of Libra at “Hainan free trade port international cooperation forum on digital economy and blockchain”.
  • Japan

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