Announcing Nervos CKB Mining Competition

We are excited to announce that the first Nervos CKB mining competition will begin this Saturday, June 15 and run until Saturday, June 29. Members of our community will have the opportunity to win CKB Tokens by being among the first to mine them on the Nervos testnet.

Check . for more details about the competition.

The prizes will be determined as follows: the three addresses that produce the most accumulated block rewards over the period of the competition will receive rewards in CKB Tokens. The award will be 200,000 tokens, 100,000 tokens, and 60,000 tokens for the first, second, and third place finisher respectively.

Separately, 64 addresses (excluding the three winners) will be selected randomly in a lottery to receive 10,000 tokens each. We will release the code base for the lottery drawing ahead of time and use the block hash of the block at the Nth block height as the seed for random number generation to select the lucky addresses. At the same time, we will announce a hash whose key will include information about N. Participants will be able to use the announced hash and lottery code to verify the outcome of the draw.

This is the first in a series of mining competitions leading up to the launch of our mainnet, targeted for sometime towards the end of this year. Careful thought has gone into the timing and structure of these contests. The Nervos team believes very deeply in community and collaboration, and we see a mining competition as an excellent way to bring people onto our network in a constructive and mutually beneficial way. Miners have the opportunity to win token rewards while at the same time providing valuable feedback to our developers as we seek to optimize and perfect the network ahead of the mainnet launch. We view this as part of a process of organically, authentically bootstrapping a proof-of-work blockchain.

As we have often said, blockchains are software that has characteristics of hardware. Once they are built, it is very difficult to retroactively fix any structural problem. So although this mining competition is in a spirit of fun and competition, participants — whether they win or not — are filling an essential role in helping us to build Nervos as well as we possibly can.

We hope to see many people take part in this upcoming competition, and thank you in advance for your enthusiasm, support, and feedback.

Rewards will be distributed via airdrop directly to the winners’ respective addresses on the CKB mainnet. Terms do apply for compliance reasons, for more details please check: .

Happy mining!

Team Nervos

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