Analysis on CKB Community DAO proposals

Hi all,

It has been almost a year since the CKB Community fund DAO went live.
For me this was a reason to reflect on all the proposals submitted and how performance of the voting mechanism is going.

The intention of this post is to start a discussion if actions are needed to improve voting performance for future proposals or to discuss if any changes are needed.

All data I have retrieved is coming directly from the CKB Community Fund DAO but retrieving the data was mostly manual work so if you see any mistake please let me know. Would also like to get your feedback if this effort is appreciated so I know it’s worthwhile to retrieve this data.


  • 13 Proposals have been submitted, receiving 217 votes in total and representing a total CKB voting amount of 1.381.541.971 CKB.
  • 1 Proposal failed, 1 proposal currently open and others passed.
  • On average 16 people voted on a proposal
  • On average the top 5 voters (based on amount of CKB voted with) account for 86% of the total amount of votes on a proposal
  • from 5 out of 13 proposals the largest voter (amount of CKB voted with) accounted for >50% of the total amount of CKB people voted with

Questions and personal opinion:
*Are enough people participating in the Nervos community dao voting?
If 1 person can determine the outcome of the voting and 5 people account for almost 90% of the votes my answer would be no.

*How can we get more people involved in voting?

  • I try to vote if I see a proposal is open but I can’t check every day and I sometimes I miss the opportunity as you do not receive a notification and you either need to check manually or hope you notice it via social media.
  • Secondly I notice some people providing feedback they are reluctant to connect their Neuron Wallet in order to vote, how we can increase the trust of people to participate?

*Are any additional rules needed for the CKB Community DAO fund?

  • For example you could state at least ‘X’ amount of votes should be cast (similar to the proposal while it is discussed here) or at least ‘X’ % of voters should have voted yes (# of votes, not counting by amount voted with) to reduce influence of large holders.

Looking forward to your replies!



Lower the voting barrier with better tools.

When CKB Community DAO kicked off there were no JoyID no CoBuild, etc. Can we build a better voting tool today? Can we make NervosDAO deposit binding and voting accessible to JoyID/Neuron/… users? It could be funded by Community DAO itself!