An UniLock to collect all the locks from the single owner's different lock scripts

Well,Nervos CKB as we know, is the most flexible L1 blockchain which could beat Ethereum when talking about the possibility of mapping it with the existing infrastructures such as DKIM.
Yeap,here maybe some dope guys guess the issue I want to talk about :
Everytime when we update a lock script or invent a new lock, users should manage a new key. I believe it would be a disaster for the general.
today here I already have lots of address on Nervos Chain:

  1. Neuron - an variable address for the HD wallet
  2. WTF there will be other address if I want to receive sUDT due to the customized asset feature
  3. Portal Wallet – pw core
  4. Mibao wallet – Unipass
  5. DAS account -always success lock

It is still every stage for Nervos. What if in the future every dApp on Nervos own their own lock ?
Though I believe some locks have been amazing enough like Unipass, there must be more locks launched from different parties to satisfy different demands. In that case,could we have an ultimate solution for multiple locks control ?

I am not sure will it be a middleware or an upgradable lock to conclude every lock as long as users interacting with dApps .