Alphaday - Nervos Data Aggregator Dashboard

Brief Intro

Alphaday is a powerful crypto workflow aggregator that pulls in news, on-chain data, social media, web3 services and much more into one customizable UI.

Example Dashboard we built for Aave through a grant agreement:

Team and background

Name: Deniz Omer
Position: Founder
Short Bio: Has been involved in the Ethereum space since early 2016 and joined Kyber Network in 2017 as Head of Ecosystem Growth before quitting to start Alphaday full-time in 2021. Previously he worked at Thomson Reuters for a decade building financial products that rivaled the Bloomberg Terminal. He is currently also a Venture Partner at IOSG.VC., Deniz Omer - Alphaday | LinkedIn

Name: Felipe Faraggi
Position: Co-founder

Short Bio: Has also been involved in Ethereum since 2016 and was a Developer Advocate at Pegasys and Consensys before quitting to work full time on Alphaday.
faraggi (Felipe Faraggi) · GitHub,, Felipe ♦ Faraggi - Alphaday | LinkedIn

Name: Pablo Palomo
Position: Technical Lead
ppalomo (Pablo Palomo) · GitHub,,

Name: Vicente Almonacid
Position: Software Engineer
v-almonacid (Vicente) · GitHub,, Vicente Almonacid, PhD - Alphaday | LinkedIn

Name: Charles Nwankwo
Position: Developer
Xavier-Charles (Charles Nwankwo) · GitHub,,

Name: Jonathan Irhodia
Position: Developer
elcharitas (Jonathan Irhodia) · GitHub,,

Name: Gideon Anyalewechi
Position: Developer
getgiddy (Gideon Anyalewechi ) · GitHub,,

Name: Zehra Naz Hacisuleyman
Position: Marketing Specialist
Zehra Naz Hacısüleyman - alphaday | LinkedIn,

Name: Selim Cetiner
Position: Content Specialist & Marketing Operations,

Name: Michael Hagopian
Position: QA & Partnerships,

Benefits to the Nervos Ecosystem

We’ve conducted market research on users and currently people’s regular crypto workflows consist of jumping from one browser tab to another to check prices, read news, follow social feeds, participate in discussions. A typical crypto user will have 6 to 10 open tabs at any given time.

Alphaday helps solve the issue of information fragmentation. We aim to serve as a central point where any user (whether they are a developer, enthusiast, investor) can instantly get the Nervos information they need, stay up to date on the latest videos & podcasts featuring Nervos and much more.

Alphaday is and will remain to be free-to-use for end users.


We do not have direct competitors who are competing in the experience aggregator space but our individual widgets do overlap with features offered by Dune, Nansen, Zapper/Zerion, Coingecko, Discord, DeFiLama, Snapshot.

Bear in mind that the above are feeding data to Alphaday itself.

If we get any early traction on the Nervos dashboard we can immediately start to build more Nervos-exclusive widgets. This would likely entail API integrations into the dashboard, such as the already integrated Uniswap widget.

We are aiming to be the de facto homepage for all crypto users. People using Alphaday to stay up to date with their favourite crypto projects, listen to podcasts, do research, participate in discussions and much more. Other competitors are all competing within much narrower niches. We get their services and integrate them into our app so users don’t have to jump from one service to another, it’s all available on Alphaday.

User Metrics

We launched our public beta in August 2022 and currently have ~15,000 MAU active users (organic) with minimal resources spent on marketing; our roadmap for 2024 is focused on marketing a lot more. Average session time per user is 9 minutes and retention rate across 1/7/30 days is 56%/53%/50% as measured by Hotjar.


Milestone 1: Development & Deployment of Dashboard

The Nervos dashboard will include the following:

  • The latest Nervos official announcements and blog post content.

  • A feed of all news mentions of Nervos from coindesk, cointelegraph and 20+ other news sources aggregated from across the internet.

  • A calendar containing all Nervos events including meetups, conferences, hackathons with bounties, AMAs.

  • Podcast feed featuring Nervos.

  • Youtube stream containing educational Nervos content.

  • Nervos Documentation and Knowledge base directory.

  • Integration with Nervos Forum to show the latest and trending discussion topics

  • Discord & Reddit Integration to show a feed of latest discussions.

  • FAQs & CKB tokenomics information.

  • Live CKB spot price chart.

  • Dev tools: SDK’s, tutorials, guides, grants & bounties, documentation, and any other resources that can help build on Nervos.

  • A widget featuring the Nervos roadmap with all the descriptions and links included.

  • Categorized links and descriptions of products and services offered in the Nervos ecosystem.

Before moving onto Milestone 2, we share the dashboard with you for feedback and changes required.

Deadline: Within 2 months after grant approval (tentatively 15th June, 2024)

Milestone 2: Marketing

Publishing & marketing of the dashboard to the community; getting feedback and reiterating the dashboard accordingly.

Deadline: Within 2 weeks after publishing the dashboard.

Milestone 3: Maintenance & Curation

Changes in API or RSI feeds need to be updated on a regular basis. News sources or other content sources to be added or removed. Manually import data, such as upcoming events, that are not picked up by the Alphaday aggregator engine. New developments or integrations, and quality assurance/testing of new features and widgets. This milestone has no due date and is indefinite.

Deadline: No due date. Dashboard will be maintained indefinitely.

Budget Breakdown

2,000 USD (or equivalent in CKB) upfront costs for development and deployment of the dashboard. Marketing of the dashboard is included here.

2,000 USD (or equivalent in CKB) for maintenance including having an Alphaday content analyst quality-checking the dashboard routinely and applying requested or other changes.

Total Requested Budget: 4,000 USD (or equivalent in CKB)

The grant size reflects the team’s hours required to build and maintain the Nervos Dashboard.

We will require 3 devs (1 frontend, 1 backend, and 1 content analyst) working on this for 5 days for initial deployment plus maintenance over the longer course. Our estimated total cost for this is roughly 4,000 USD.

Established Backers/Partners/Grantors

We are backed by Hashkey, Signum, other VCs as well as Ethereum KoLs including Ethereum Foundation members.

Established partners: Aave, Chiliz, TheGraph, Avalanche, Metis, Dfinity, Zcash, XRPL, Ethereum Classic, RocketPool, Starknet and others.

Relevant Links

Live Product:
Landing Page:
Discord: Alphaday
Github: Alphaday · GitHub
Linkedin: alphaday | LinkedIn
Pitch Deck: DocSend

Hi, there is something wrong with your link.



Hello @Yeti,

Thank you for the feedback.

We are looking into this as it was mentioned by some of our other partners as well, but we have yet to identify the core problem; it could be location, vpn, antivirus, or another issue that is causing it. The app works with most users, but a few have the same issue you mentioned.

If you have the time, I kindly ask you to message me on Discord (@Mike-Alphaday) to help us identify the root cause of this and, if possible, to finally solve it.