AIKON - creating identities on Nervos

Team and Background

Marc Blinder (CEO) - 5 time startup executive with a proven track record of exits from $3M to $400M.

Tray Lewin (CTO) - 6 time CTO. 9 years of experience at Microsoft.

AIKON has a team of 10 employees to work on delivery of integration projects such as for the Nervos blockchain.

Strategic Advisors include: Brynly Lyr (General Counsel, Celo & Former General Counsel, Ripple), Connie Wong (Lead Product Designer, Kraken), Bill Rusitzky (Former Adobe Global VP).

Project and Justification

AIKON has already created tens of thousands of accounts on other blockchains, such as EOS, Hyperledger, and WAX protocols. The main value add for integrating with AIKON is that it will make it very easy and secure to create user identities on the Nervos blockchain. This will improve user conversion on Dapps built in the Nervos ecosystem, as well as providing a layer of interoperability to other blockchains if needed. AIKON’s architecture is also built to be enterprise grade. The main benefit of this integration will be to increase the adoption of Nervos.

Technical Specification and Implementation

AIKON has developed an open source javascript library called ChainJS, a helper library that provides a plug-in interface to multiple block chain libraries (like EOS, Ethereum, TRON, etc.). Developed first for EOS and Ethereum and soon Nervos, AIKON builds its own services on top of ChainJS in order to bring cross-chain functionality and ease of development to their partners & customers and really anyone interested in building their Dapp on multiple blockchain networks.

We will also plan to integrate ORE ID, our blockchain identity service API that operates on our own purpose built ORE blockchain that comes with it a number of security benefits for the user and GDPR & CCPA compliance features suited for enterprise adoption.

More details about the ORE blockchain can be found on our whitepaper,

Timeline / Roadmap

We are requesting a 3 month timeline to integrate with a unique blockchain like Nervos. The team has integrated with other chains that are forks or clones of EOS or ETH in less time, but Nervos is slightly more unique and specialized.


This abstract has been declined due to the extent of centralization of the service.

Hello Ben - thank you for the information. I do agree that the service is centralized, in a traditional sense, but I do not see why this would make our application banned? We had a call with Cipher & Jan about a month ago and they seemed interested.

I do understand that Nervos is a decentralized blockchain, but I think that it can leverage centralized services and allow them to connect to the blockchain to help gain more users (especially from traditional centralized login services such as a Gmail or Facebook login), which is what AIKON allows you to do.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Hope MYKEY supports CKB soon​:grinning:

Hi Bryan,

Your application is not banned, just that this is not the type of project we are prioritizing and believe is the best use of grant funds at this current stage. We really appreciate your time to submit your proposal and showing interest in Nervos and hope you can stay involved the community and contribute! Perhaps this proposal can be considered at a later date when the focus moves more towards DApps and use cases :slight_smile:

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Hello Ben - thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:

We have faced this question in the past with other projects, we believe that having the rails set up so that users can easily migrate from traditional logins (such as Google & Facebook) to creating an identity on the main chain (Nervos), will actually incentivize DApps to build on Nervos, because an integration with Aikon’s ORE ID increases conversion rates and adoption of these DApps on Nervos.

I would greatly appreciate if you guys reconsider this application. I am also happy to wait until you guys think the time is right but just wanted to share my thoughts.

Thank you.


@bryan Respect !

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