A rollup more brilliant than Optimism is Polyjuice(with Godwoken)

I believe that recently there will be more people and community caring about ROLLUP.
See the article from big KOL Hasseb from Drogonfly !

And the gateway of Optimism have also launched

As a first group of gateway user,fortunately I found that Nervos’s Polyjuice still take some advantages.

Here I try to list some merits of Polyjuice

  1. Support multichain’s wallet including ETH,EOS and Tron access to the this Layer 2.
  2. Not just the EVM compatible rollup but also chain agnostic account model compatible layer
  3. I believe the waiting time for DEPOSIT and WITHDRAW on Polyjuice will be more quicker than Optimism. See the screenshot from Gateway of Polyjuice I paste below:

But I still remind that the UI should be upgraded because ppl usually have some blind but good first impression due to the gorgeous UI. Sincerely suggest that UI could be designed again to make it look better .

Optimism’s Gateway looks like this :

Our interface so far looks like that :slight_smile:

I believe that it is not the big challenge .
And be free to give any comment or share more brilliant points of Polyjuice.(tbh I am still new for that )