A random idea about Godwoken: account lock with state read capability

At present, Godwoken’s transaction signature verification is done through account_lock, which is similar to Layer1’s lock script, and backend can be used to change the state.

However, can account_lock have the ability to read the current state? Rather than just stateless verification of signatures.

In this case, a state read_only account_lock with a specific backend can implement a more flexible account model.

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interesting, the state transition would then take place outside of Godwoken right? on L1?

The backend is used to change the state, and the account lock can view the state. In this way, some more flexible account_lock can be made.

For example, the same account_id can have multiple different keys (bls, secp256k1) at the same time, and these keys can be dynamically added or deleted through a special backend.

For another example, only if a certain account_id has a certain number of sUDTs, the transaction can pass, otherwise it cannot be unlocked.

Unipass is working with godwoken team? Integrate web wallet into evm L2? News of December.

The question is, L2 has a three-day challenge period. Will the account key change cause L2 status error and fail to pass the verification?