A (potentially) amazing marketing idea

From marketing perspective Tezos did a great (and probably not expensive) campaign with Ledger which worked for them and I believe it could work out for Nervos as well.

In a nutshell they did 2 things:

  • A. For their 1st anniversary they gave away a Tezos-branded Ledger Nano S to each ICO participant which was amazing as obviously it had a sentimental impact – you, know owning a branded Ledger with the currency you are supporting; and

  • B. When the Ledger support for Tezos came out, Tezos and Ledger announced a contest which was people signing up with their mails and then starting to spread the word about Tezos, Ledger and the contest via numerous communication channels (invites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. etc) - the more “levels” one would complete (for example, sharing info on Facebook was one level, inviting several friends via mail was another level and so on), the more point he/she would earn giving them the opportunity to potentially win a higher prize. The prizes were 1K tezzies + 1 Ledger Nano X for the first place, 500 tezzies + 1 Ledger Nano X for the second place, 100 tezzies + 1 Ledger Nano X for the 3rd place and so on; going further, it was totally fine if one just filled in his / her mail address but this would only qualify him / her for Ledger Nano S draw - you can find some info here: https://www.ledger.com/contest-tezos/. The great thing that I believe made so many people participate aside from the rewards concept is that most of the prizes were Tezos branded / engraved again and people are normally hyped about this type of “unique” belongings.

Probably it would be best to reach out to Ledger and check what the results were, but at least from what I know about 40K people participated in this bringing amazing awareness about Tezos.

So if the team believes above is a good idea and HAVING IN MIND LEDGER SUPPORT IS ON THE WAY, I think what would make sense to do is reach out to Ledger and organize the same steps, i.e. give away Nervos-branded ledger to the ICO participants for the Nervos first year anniversary AND/OR organizing a marketing contest to spread the word about the project.

Would very much appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this.

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I’d rather like to see the money and manpower to be employed for such a campaign to be used to motivate developers/builders, e.g. hackthons, dapp bounties, etc.


It worked well for Tezos :slight_smile: motivating the community = more evangelists = organic growth and more developers hearing about the project. You have any other ideas how to bring devs?

… because they are not falling from the sky with hundreds of projects and companies fighting for their attention

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Giving away free hardware wallet surely makes the recepients happy, though some of them nerver really need one (me personnally is a Tezos ICO participant and I did not even claim the free hardware).

And yes it will bring up some press converage and discussion in the crypto world and maybe, just maybe gives more exposure of a project/platform.

But even just from a marketing perspective, what’s the ROI here? Would a pure airdrop to BTC/ETH holder or a simple lottery event be a better choice?

In terms of the second idea, I do not know if I am the only one but such kind of campaign does gives the impresssion of being a little desperate and vulgar. Just like Apple, IBM or Chanel would never do something like that. Neither has Ethereum done anything like that.

The reasons why a developers choose a platform instead of the others are usually:

  • it has a large user base (like iOS and Android)
  • good or at least sufficient performance
  • good developer tools and infrustucture
  • it is the only choice to build what the developer wished to build (like Ethereum before 2017)


  • many people have heard about it
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Thanks for the feedabck. Ok, lets assume above ideas are shit though I see nothing desperate about them - Tezos is #10 at the moment.

How are Nervos about to get traction with devs when there are a bunch of platforms already (Ethereum, Tezos, etc.) and so far there has been ZERO marketing? The point is we need marketing and hype or very few people will ever hear about Nervos / build on it. Everyone is competing for attention, so to build people need to hear about Nervos first, whats unique about it and so on.

Most of the marketing ideas thrown around are being immediately rejected, but doing nothing / little is worse than doing things even if not the optimal ones.

Re ROI - no clue, above was a suggestion for the team to talk to Ledger and see if it would make sense.

I was not saying your proposals are shit. I just do not think they are very suitable to Nervos.

The major reason that Tezos is #10 in market cap is they raised a huge amount of money.

I agree that at a certain point Nervos will need marketing. But not today, or any time soon. The project is still in early stage and there are so many things that need to be done first. Think Nervos as a new car still being made and the good timing for promoting it is when the car is ready to be driven comfortably. And from my view that is AT LEAST when layer 2 framework, UDT standards, SDKs, IDE, documents, tutorials maybe with demo dapps are ready.