A Framework for Assessing Projects for Grants

Congratulations to everyone for getting the DAO up and running and to the community for getting involved. It is exciting to see the next phase of Nervos take flight!

I’ve briefly noted down my thoughts on project assessment, which represents my own perspective when reviewing grant applications. No one is obliged to follow my approach, but I wanted to share my experience to help the process.

Full article here: A Framework for Assessing Projects for Grants | by Eric Vander Wal | Apr, 2023 | Medium

Additionally, I’ve provided a summary checklist below.

  • Have you asked enough questions to understand this project?
  • Does the project bring value to my company (blockchain)?
  • Will this project be sustainable post-launch?
  • Does the team have enough skill and work history to be successful?
  • Is this team too big or too small for the proposed project?
  • What is the team’s identity?
  • Does the project have a realistic timeline?
  • Is it long enough to require milestones?
  • If only some of those milestones are completed, does it still bring value?
  • Is the funding request appropriate for the scope of the project?
  • What other questions can I ask that will help me more accurately assess this project?