5 CK-Box miners

What is the HW error?
Miner #1 came from the Goldshell July batch.
Miners #2 through #5 came from Goldshell August batch.
All miners have been upgraded to the latest firmware.
Miner #1 has more HW error, higher fan speed.
Althought miner #5 has high HW error in comparison to the other 3 miners.
Do I need to restart the miners seldomly? weekly?
Here are the 9 day, 16 hour stats of my 5 CK-Box miners.


Hello Josh, did you get a solution to the error levels. I haven’t checked mine but my numbers has reduced drastically from around 200 to 135-160 cbk.

I no longer investigated the errors. My miners work correctly, but just didnt’ understand the error rates.

Has your number declined or is it still stable mine has gone to aroun 130-160 CKB daily from 200 CKB

Hello again Josh,
Just to know my miner is not bugging, please can you kindly share if you mined CKB numbers has gone down and is that in reference to the price increase?

Look forward to your reply.


the total mining power increased(see https://explorer.nervos.org), so mined ckb is go down.