40 Days Online for HuntingNFT: Sharing Our Progress

Dear members of the Nervos community,

We are delighted to share with you the recent developments of the HuntingNFT project. Over the past two years, our team has dedicated a tremendous amount of effort, driven by a passion for innovation and GameFi, to continuously advance the project. Finally, on July 6th, we successfully released the V2.0 version of the game and launched it on the mainnet. We have also enabled token trading and game asset transactions on YokaiSWAP.

We are excited to share some highlights of our progress and achievements:

Team Efforts: HuntingNFT V2.0 has been in operation for 40 days. Throughout the development and deployment process, every member of our team has contributed selflessly to the project. The development team urgently resolved 12 bugs, completed the development of the V2.0.1 version, and successfully implemented the “Promote and earn” promotion function.
The operational team has collaborated with platforms such as Galxe, TaskOn, QuestX, and others. We have also engaged in business discussions with CMC and several mainstream CEX exchanges to ensure the project’s continued rapid growth.

Project Data: During the operational period, the price of $HNFT has consistently risen from a low of $0.00065 to hits ATH at $0.00164, marking a remarkable surge of 252%.
The number of holding addresses has reached 20,389, and the total number of game contract transactions has exceeded 12,000, with the count continuously accelerating.

Game Returns: Over the past 40 days, data indicates that the average payback period for the Defense gameplay is 4.5 days. The highest Defense reward earned by a Wright Dragon is 104,654 $HNFT, equivalent to $167.44. This means each White Wright Dragon can generate a passive income of $3.34 USD per day, surpassing expectations.
Additionally, the average earnings from the sacrifice gameplay over the last 20 days reached 8,131.61 $HNFT, with a T+1 day return rate of 193%.
The HuntingNFT economic model not only ensures liquidity and token value circulation but also continuously creates value for users, allowing them to experience the charm of P2E.

Community Activities: The project’s operational cash flow has turned positive, and the team recently completed the first $HNFT buyback and destruction plan, using 100,000 $CKB to repurchase 379,628 $HNFT. This implies that as more users join the game and begin to enjoy the earnings from Hunting, the market circulation of $HNFT may gradually decrease.

During this period, we also launched a promotional earning campaign where users can easily share in project operating income by following just three simple steps, along with other activities. Specific details can be found in the Discord channel.

Next Phase: HuntingNFT will introduce more game features and gradually refine user interactions. New game features are on the horizon, and the team will continue to plan more community activities to attract more users to the game and collectively experience the joy of Hunting to earn.

We thank you for your support and attention to HuntingNFT. Our team came together in 2021 through the Nervos community, driven by a passion for Nervos. Up until now, the project has not undergone any public or private funding activities. Fortunately, during the most challenging times, the Nervos Grant provided significant support to the project, allowing us to reach where HuntingNFT is today.
Over the course of more than two years of ecological project development, team members have dedicated a great deal of time and effort without any income or reward. Despite facing criticism, doubts, and difficulties, the team persevered due to their belief in Nervos and the exploration spirit of the blockchain world. The story of HuntingNFT continues, and in the future, it will bring more exciting game experiences and opportunities to the blockchain world.

Let’s start Hunting to earn !

Best regards,
HuntingNFT Group