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200 Applications ltd, 200apps, is a boutique development studio mainly focused on mobile development. Since being established in 2015, we took part in developing more than 100 mobile applications for different applications. Working with all types of clients starting, from startups at “idea on a napkin” stage to huge international conglomerates, such as Li & Fung, a $20B Chinese conglomerate. 200apps has developed mobile applications that require a deep knowledge of the mobile platforms, such as a full-blown camera application, Pictar by MyMiggo, FPV plane control for PowerUp, and complex map layer management for Zzapp Malaria.
On the community side, 200apps has led some of the most prominent developer communities in Jerusalem. Being for many years Googles Developers Group lead in Jerusalem. Currently one of our iOS developers is the Facebook Developers lead in Jerusalem. And in general, we mentor and arrange technological meetups to enrich the local mobile development community.


We propose to develop 2 SDKs, one for iOS and the other Android. Both SDK’s specifications will be similar in terms of functionality up to OS-specific implementations and restrictions. The SDK’s will provide the following functionality and features:

We are flexible to work out a more detailed requirements document with the NervOS Foundation.

At a high level, the features we envision for the initial launch would include the following features:

1.Account Management
	1.1. Account creation
	1.2. Restore from a seed
	1.3. Seed export
	1.4. Account balance
		1.4.1. Including UDT.
2. Transactions
	2.1. Creation
	2.2. Validation
	2.3. Signature
	2.4. Submit a transaction
		2.4.1. Phone contacts integration
	2.5. Status monitoring
3. Local wallet security
	3.1. Encryption / decryption
		3.1.1. Support of OS validation mechanisms - i.e. PIN, fingerprint, face authentication.
	3.2. Backup / restore
		3.2.1. Integration w/ wallet
4. Nervos DAO Support
	4.1. Deposit/withdrawal
	4.2. Overtime estimations
	4.3. Status queries


Both SDK’s will be developed in parallel, the whole project should take about 4-5 months of development. Based on the following milestones:

M1: (weeks 1-2) Mapping the API, functions, full feature list, and creating the documentation.
M2: (weeks 3-5) Wrapper for basic network connection and operations.
M3: (weeks 6-7) Adding Account management to SDKs.
M4: (weeks 8-10) Adding Transactions to SDKs.
M5: (weeks 11-12) Adding Local wallet security to SDKs.
M6: (weeks 13-15) Adding DAO to SDKs.
M7: (week 16) Open sourcing the SDK’s with the supporting documentation. Organizing the structure and processies for further code maintenance.


We estimate the whole scope of the project, both SDK’s as described, at $90K. Expecting the funds to be received based on milestone completion.


Upon successful completion of the project, we see 2 further paths to follow:

  • Further, maintain SDK’s codebase, and it’s collaborators. Adding features based on community feedback and emerging needs.
  • Develop opensource high-quality wallet, as an example of SDK’s usage and in general for Nervos community needs.


Proposal PDF


Dan Bystritsky, CTO
200 Applications ltd.

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Does that mean in the future if other devs who want to dev a dapp then they can use your SDK to build account,send transactions in their mobile dapp?

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Yes exactly. And use native device functionality in their dapps.

This abstract has been declined and thank you for your application.