RFC: Nervos Ecosystem Grants Program

The “wish-list” will be a detailed list and released at the official start of the program.

These are the categories, with each having a detailed wish list. Initially only the “infrastructure grants” category will be open for submission.

  • Infrastructure Grants
  • Community Grants
  • App and use case grants
  • Marketing, Sponsorship and Promotion Grants
  • Scholarships, bursaries, research and personal Grants

Q1: Are there any results conclused from the second round ?

Q2: Why the grant fund payments have not be mentioned in their RFCs ?


So far, I haven’t seen one RFC has been executed according to this rule.


Is it open to the community?

There are no 2nd round RFC’s that have been open more than 2 weeks so they are all currently within these rules.

The grant fund amount is at the team’s discretion if they want to make it public at this stage.

The final discussion call is for the review council to be able to discuss directly for the team, the summary and result of this will be made public.

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Sorry, ben. It was one week or two weeks, I thought it was half a week :joy:

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I have updated the post to avoid any confusion :grinning:

Round 2 RFC specification has been updated and now must include:

“additional information on how it’ll work specifically with CKB and its programming model”

This is to make sure all applicants have researched and considered CKB and the programming model for their proposed implementation.

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how about making it as livestream style?

I think livestream or recording for these calls could be done in certain situations, but this would be the choice of the Team applying for the grant. You can imagine certain situations where these discussions would need some confidentiality when discussing certain IP that the team has developed and other similar considerations.

The grants program process and workflow has been updated in the opening post.


How to deal with the Grants program that have already been in the second round before this adjust? (even part of them were invited for the call with Review Council)

these will be migrated into the new workflow where possible. For Grant Teams that already submitted RFC’s in the second round, they will either move to a final decision, or invited to discord to discuss a more detailed technical specification for the proposal.

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read this post again
I found it is easier than before because all of the process could be done and seen on the NervosTalk thread in single post.

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Hi, I think the TrailBlazer program is more suitable for you.

A TrailBlazer is someone who is pioneering new lands for the growth of the global Nervos Ecosystem. At Nervos, we want to make blockchain totally inclusive and interoperable; this means calling on people to be a part of our team and rewarding them for it. We have a number of roles, bounties and tasks for people to complete. There are also different levels of involvement you can select letting you blaze the trail for Nervos at your pace.

You can apply here: https://www.nervos.org/trailblazer

Btw, I will also send your proposal above to the marketing team :slight_smile:

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thank you for reply :blush:
i will post on TrailBlazer link too

i already apply few times there letsee if it works, still not respose
may it takes more time
thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

if marketing team is interested we can do more expanded program with our team from other countries like Russia, India, Italy, Germany
including meetups, conferences, music concerts , events, NFT competitions, multimediacontent , social media


We are team of travellers and we have huge community base of creative artists in most parts of the world.

These people are crypto enthusiasts as well.
Therefore, there is a big uncapped opportunity where we can build and expand Nervos ecosystem through setting up special educational sessions about nervos platform.

Fund required: 700 USD

Proposal for initial first month :
Our initial plan is to build nervos community and arrange weekly meet ups that we have planned to name “NERVOS TALKS”.
We will introduce community members to nervos ecosystem in initial meet ups and help them in onboarding.
Also, we will create Instagram page and YouTube channel to educate people about nervous and promote it on social media.

We will set up global communities in which there will be people from different parts of the world and we will conduct meet ups with them on weekly basis.
This will set up a buzz about nervos in very fast way.

With regards to social media, our goal is to reach from 0 to 200 followers on Instagram and YouTube channel in initial first month. We will try to engage new followers through creative posts and will expand community step by step.

We will keep you posted on every step we take once we start this project.

However, this is just the first small step that we would like to take in order to get associated with nervos.

@Arcangelo_Corelianni is musician and video maker and would be engaging in content creation and meet up set ups with me. I would be taking care of community moderation and translations.


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is this grant program still open?

It is no longer active, please check out the CKB Community Fund DAO