Retrieving staked Dckb from the blockchain as the website closed since jan 2023

how to retrieve staked Dckb . Any suggestions gratefully accepted


A rescuer tool:


thanks,i will try, i am not a programmer so hopefully easy to use

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Yes, it’s easy, connect your Metamask wallet, then click buttons.


Thanks a lot for the link. Could finally take out most of my CKB.
Is there a way to convert some CKB to dCKB to unlock the rest of my locked funds?

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Thankyou so much. I was worried about a scam but you are a true gentleman.I got my CKB. :+1::+1:

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you can try to buy some dckb from, or ask around in forums or communities if anyone has dckb but cannot withdraw money, then you swap dckb from him using ckb.

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Hi, how much dckb do you need and what price are you willing to trade for it?

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I have some dckb’s, if anyone needs to redeem them, please contact me.

Hey all, seems I’m a bit late to the party, but yeah I’m the developer of dCKB Rescuer, thank you @yixiu.ckbfans.bit for linking it :pray:

As per discord thread, I would like to point out that the tool is provided as it is, so for future reference, a few warnings:

  1. This project has NOT been audited by an external party and it’s still in beta testing, so you use it at your own risk. It may lose your funds, burn your computer and charm your lover, so do your own diligence by checking its source code: GitHub - dckb-rescuer/v1-interface

  2. is a IPFS pinning service. The Github repository is integrated in an automated pipeline created by Fleek, so each time a commit happens on the repository it automatically updates the website to the last revision. Feel free to check out Fleek:

  3. ANKR is the external RPC provider used for accessing Nervos L1 blockchain data. Feel free to check out ANKR:

  4. Read and understood all this, as mentioned by @yixiu.ckbfans.bit the current project URL is:


Hey @orange-xc, I don’t believe that Yokaiswap’s dCKB is anymore operational, not sure how it happened, probably liquidity was an issue and it got delisted. Even @jm9k asked them to add it back, but they did not appear to be very responsive in the request.

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We are aware of this issue and we are working on a solution to the users change between CKB and dCKB with other users, couple of months away

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@phroi On, there has very little liquidity, 66k ckb and 128k dckb.


That’s interesting, good to know, thanks for the update! :pray:

I guess that with that small liquidity exchange rates between dCKB and CKB are gonna be wild. On our side we’ll likely suggest users to convert between dCKB and CKB at a fixed exchange rate :thinking:

If anybody has any question regarding dCKB Rescuer, feel free to ask here or in the dedicated Discord Thread! :hugs:

Cheers, Phroi

Hi Phroi, while you’re here, any chance we can get an iCKB update? :smile:

Hey @Yeti, this is not the right thread, but since there was none appropriate I created one just for this purpose: AMA - Everything iCKB, see you there!!

Hi @phroi
Any news on when we will be able to exchange dCKB to CKB?


Hey @Gravosh :hugs: As things are now, iCKB will come before dCKB Rescuer update and iCKB design is being re-assesed in light of the impeding CoBuild OTX transition. In the meantime @jm9k is also assessing the viability of other L1 exchanges.

When there is any news, I’ll post it here and in the Discord Thread!