Nervos CKB Mining Competition Phase 2 Request for Comments

Thanks everyone for participating in Mining Competition Phase 1, we have seen 21,737 mining addresses created during the two weeks, and the hash rate has hit 3.5M gps.

You can check the result of the mining competition phase 1 here:

Next mining competition will begin on July 13rd 6:00 AM (GMT+00). This time we will have FOUR MILLION CKB tokens as rewards.

Mining Competition Phase 2 Request for Comments

The intention is to test the stability of the consensus and test the impact of the hashrate fluctuation on the consensus.

If you have any recommendations on how we could better reach the goal, please reply here. This RFC will open till July 10th 6:00 AM (GMT+00), and we will incorporate them into the official competition rules, which will be released on July 13rd before the competition.


  1. Reward One: Mining Whales (2,400,000 CKB in total)
    1. Block rewards produced by each address will be ranked. Upon the completion of competition, top three addresses that mined the most block rewards will get rewarded.
      1. First place: 1,200,000 CKB Tokens
      2. Second place: 800,000 CKB Tokens
      3. Third place: 400,000 CKB Tokens
    2. The top three rewards will be ranked according to the total block rewards obtained by the address.
  2. Reward Two: Lucky Block (up to 80 winners)
    1. At the end of competition, each address that received block rewards at block height of 1,000 and multiples of 1,000 (Mining Whale winner addresses excluded) will be given 20,000 CKB tokens as rewards.
    2. Rewards are based on data from CKB explorer, so uncle blocks will not be included.


Hello, here is a quick update of the RFC for mining competition phase 2:

We have received some great comments from the community since we published on our forum <Chinese version ((7.6 修改,第二版本)第二期挖矿大赛奖励方案提案,Request for Comment!)> last week.

Based on the comments, we’ve made modifications to the rules as below. This RFC will open from July1st to July 10th, if you have any comments, please reply on the Nervos forum (Nervos CKB Mining Competition Phase 2 Request for Comments). The final rules will be released before the competition.

The intention of this testnet is to test the stability of the consensus. In particular, we’d like to see whether the consensus handles uncle blocks well around new epochs with fluctuating hashrates.

Total rewards: 4,000,000 CKB main net token

Time: July 13 6:00 AM (UTC) - July 27 6:00 AM (UTC)

Reward distribution:

  1. The community pool rewards (2,000,000 CKB)
    1. All addresses that have mined at least 4 blocks will share this reward pool and receive CKB rewards in proportion with the blocks produced by each address.
  2. The lucky block rewards (2,000,000 CKB in total, 80 winners)
    1. On the current Nervos CKB testnet, there is one difficulty adjustment epoch in about every four hours. We expect there will be 84 epochs in total during the two weeks’ mining competition based on what we saw in the mining competition phase 1. From Epoch 1 to Epoch 80, any address that mined the first block aka lucky block in each epoch will be rewarded 25,000 CKB. Note the genesis Epoch (Epoch 0) is not included.


  • How are the block rewards in CKB different from those in Bitcoin?
    • For Bitcoin, the block rewards are fixed in each block you mine; For CKB, the total block rewards are fixed in each difficulty adjustment epoch. CKB consensus adjusts difficulty to adjust block time, when difficulty increases, there will be less blocks mined during one epoch, but block rewards in each block mined will be increased.
  • What is difficulty adjustment epoch in CKB?
  • Why the community pool rewards only apply to addresses that mined at least 4 blocks?
    • The native token CKByte represents state storage space on the Common Knowledge Base blockchain. A cell is the basic data structure in the blockchain, you can put any arbitrary data in a cell, and it requires 60 CKBytes to create a cell.
    • During mining competition phase 1, 88,000 blocks were mined. For the mining competition phase 2, the 2M total CKBytes community pool rewards each produced block 22 CKBytes. In order to receive the rewards, the address should contain at least 60 CKBytes so it requires you to mine at least 3 blocks. We add some buffer and require at least 4 blocks to receive rewards.
  • When should I increase my hashrate in order to get the lucky block reward?
    • Increase the hashrate when getting closer to the start number of next epoch. You can calculate the start number of next epoch based on the current epoch start number (block height) and the length of each epoch in CKB explorer.
  • After mining a block, how long does it take to receive the block rewards?
    • The block rewards from Block N will be received in Block “N + 11” (about 3 minutes) via Cell Base Transaction.


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Great. new rules are much better and will definitelly engage more miners…