How does the separation of computation and verification work exactly


I have been reading up on the cell model, and I think I understand how one can define basic things like tokens in it. What I am struggling to understand is how can more complex operations be achieved in such a way that the computation happens off-chain and only the result is verified on-chain. In all the examples I could think of (safe payment, payment channels, etc…) the verification is the only computation that happens. And for things like ZK Layer two solutions it would require zero knowledge support on CKB, right?

It would be great if you could clarify this for me,

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Hi Piotr
Yeap,my understanding is that state is always generated off-chain. And cell should be provided the verified logic and cryptographic primitive (if need)to CKB-VM .
Of course the verification consumed cycles on VM to compute.

If deep diving into this topic, something Interesting would be found .e.g. any cryptography primitive could be verified on CKB without precompiling that EVM must do.

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