Guide: How to Use Auth Library

Guide: How to Use Auth Library

It is a common task to write signature validation procedures in almost every lock script. Here we introduce a new library called auth to complete this task.

Basic Information

The followings are PR and corresponding RFC:



Quick Start

We have provided a demo example illustrating how to use this library. Here are some basic steps of usage.

Step 1, include necessary header files.

#include "ckb_auth.h"

// and some other library, e.g. #include "blake2b.h"

Step 2, Construct a CkbEntryType and an auth variables.

CkbEntryType entry;

// code_hash can be hard-coded

entry.code_hash[0] = 0xAA;

entry.code_hash[1] = 0xBB;

// ...

entry.code_hash[31] = 0xFF;

entry.hash_type = 1; // type. possible value: 0(data), 1(type), 2(data1)

entry.entry_category = 0; // via exec. possible value: 0(exec), 1(dynamic linking)

CkbAuthType auth;

auth.algorithm_id = 1; // AuthAlgorithmIdEthereum

memcpy(auth.content, pubkey_hash, 20); // copy pubkey hash

The code above is to construct an entry with Ethereum style signature via exec. The hash_type of auth library is 1 (type) and code_hash is 0xAABB ....FF. Since auth library is deployed beforehand, the hash_type and code_hash can be hard-coded.

Step 3, validate the signature using entry and auth variables provided above.

uint8_t msg32[32];

generate_sighash_all(msg32, 32);

return ckb_auth(&entry, &auth, lock_bytes_seg.ptr, lock_bytes_seg.size,


The msg32 can be calculated from generate_sighash_all, a common convention in the CKB ecosystem. The 20-byte public key hash is provided by lock_bytes_seg. That’s all. The returned code of ckb_auth is the signature validation result.

It is possible to use Rust in the host script. Developers need to implement the function ckb_auth in Rust by themself.

Parameters Explained

The cell location is denoted by entry.code_hash and entry.hash_type. It is strongly recommended to set hash_type to 1(type) or 2(data1). Don’t set it to 0(data) which will force the script to run in old ckb-vm before hard-fork. See more from the source code.

The entry.entry_category can be 0(exec) or 1(dynamic linking). Here is some information about exec and dynamic linking. It is strongly recommended to use exec. The disadvantage of dynamic linking:

  • Not secure enough

When a shared library is called from the host script, any code in the shared library can change any state in the host script.

  • Taint memory

When a shared library is loaded into memory, the target memory can’t be re-used again: no writing is allowed anymore and the memory is tainted. The reason is that ckb-vm adopts W^X memory protection for security.

The disadvantage of exec:

  • Not convenience

The invoked script can’t call functions in the host script. This is allowed in dynamic linking.

The Benefit of Using Auth Library

Since the auth library is deployed separately, the code size for the host script will be reduced significantly. For example, a normal lock script with secp256k1 signature validation can take around 100K bytes. The auth_demo which contains some functionality only takes 16K bytes. We can save a lot of money (CKBytes) to deploy scripts.

Normally it’s very difficult to optimize a cryptography algorithm library. With auth library as a standalone library, developers don’t need to care about how to optimize the library.

Deployment on Testnet

An implementation of auth library above has been deployed to Pudge testnet:

parameter value
code_hash 0xacce61a57538c073759e1f05f9cbcaa650f40a8eb6493c422ff017bda9803152
hash_type type
tx_hash 0x0bd64e4efa6dd19ac41b8e6d5b5754ce357fef1a99ab4a8319225cf50b8d6399
index 0x0
dep_type code

It can be viewed on CKB explorer.

The reproducible build is supported to verify the deploy script. To build the deployed the script above, one can use the following steps:

$ git clone

$ cd ckb-production-scripts

$ git checkout 9785769ded9404985531925d66043320af71adbf

$ git submodule update --init --recursive

$ make all-via-docker



  1. Auth只部署到了测试网,还没部署到主网?
  2. 我大概看了一些已有的实现,挺全的,有计划增加ED25519吗?
  3. 很搭配 讨论:异构链多签钱包的可行性与必要性


  1. 暂时还没有。如果有兴趣,可以自己部署到主网,目前ckb并不贵
  2. 我们有一个ED25519的移植:GitHub - nervosnetwork/ed25519: Portable C implementation of Ed25519, a high-speed high-security public-key signature system. 并且应用到了cardano上: Cardano Lock by XuJiandong · Pull Request #43 · nervosnetwork/ckb-production-scripts · GitHub
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