Governance Security flaw

Hello, I would like to draw attention to the governance of the DAO. There are several places of improvement needed but one of the biggest is that the like system is not very sybil resistant as one could simply make a bunch of accounts with gmails. I think we need to use other credentials, a proof of humanity reputation system, a soul bound token given to legitimate community members, or something of the like. Also maybe make it so that the “time read” has to reach a certain point, sort of like reddit karma, in order to like or comment on a proposal. I wanted to know if anyone agrees with this voter integrity concern


Whilst that is true, it has to get through to the final stage anyway, doesn’t it? So projects are more than welcome to waste their time doing it. It’s the preliminary phase to gauge initial response. What really counts is the final wallet vote. We had known from the beginning that the first part could be gamed it should probably be addressed though. @JackyLHH I think knows if this is achievable


Establishing reputation to get to the bar of likes seems like a reasonable improvement.

Number of likes required can easily be increased as things scale to curate what goes to a vote.

Coin voting is a deeper problem but I do think this could yield benefit.


yes, if people could prove their individuality, it would be one extra moat for proposers to cross; meaning people can’t spoof their way into the voting phase.

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Nervos Talk is a forum based on the open source project Discourse and as far as I know, it is currently in “Maintenance Mode”, meaning that there won’t be any new updates on features.

Actually, Nervos Talk has a mechanism to prevent Internet water army and sybil. For example, a newly registered account cannot create posts within 24 hours, but can comment or like other people’s posts.

However, I agree that the current mechanism is not effective enough to the sybil resistance. Thus, I am also looking forward to seeing ideas or projects that can improve it.


Thanks for sharing my concerns. Although I don’t believe we’ll come close a a sliver bullet, there are certainly options to help prove someone’s humanity, and with web3. I think it’s good that new members can like and comment, my goal is t to bar anybody new, but get people to prove their humanity a bit more. I was thinking aggregating a few credentials from multiple sources, that way it’s more difficult to spoof. The two web3 based solutions I can think of are POH which is a reputation and dispute system. And Civic which is a credential system. Both have advantages and disadvantages.