(DIS) Meta rule change: Introduce 30 day delay period for resubmission

In the event a proposal passes the initial “like” stage on the Talk forum and fails the Metaforo governance vote, introduce a 30 day cool off period before a modified proposal can be resubmitted.

Modifications must be material, taking into consideration comments from the governance process. Discretion about what constitutes material modifications is at the sole discretion of the DAO committee.

In order to take the views of all stakeholders into account, the proposal must again pass the initial “like” stage on the Talk forum and then to Metaforo.

If proposal fails again
If the proposal fails (to pass the Nervos Talk stage or Metaforo vote) a second time, disqualify the submitter:subject combination of the proposal indefinitely.

Following a second proposal failure (there is no cool off period introduced here) the proposer is free to submit new proposals, the content of which must be fundamentally different from the failed proposal. Discretion about what constitutes a fundamental difference is at the sole discretion of the DAO committee.


it is going to be hard to get these meta rules through with low participation in the forum. Any ideas on how to increase participation or lower the like threshold?

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I would definitely vote for a cool off period, but a couple of things I can think of that need to be clarified:

1 - Will Meta rule proposals be affected by this? Like William said above, because of the low participation rate at this early stage of the DAO, a Meta rule change that is obviously in the best interests of the DAO and would likely be supported by the vast majority of holders, might fail due to low voting participation and apathy.

2 - What’s stopping a ‘new’ submitter from proposing the same thing again a third time under a different name/project?

3 - I’m also not sure an indefinite ban is the right way. For example, there might be legitimate projects that fail to get funding twice in the current environment when the DAO has limited resources.
But this might be a different scenario if/when the treasury is worth 4 times what it is now and we might be more willing to take on some riskier ideas.

Maybe another option is a scaling cool-off period, where the first failure is 30 days, the second is 60 day etc.


we got the meta-rules through before, i think it’s just a matter of spreading the word

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  1. I don’t think this should affect meta-rules
  2. this probably needs the reputation establishment described in William’s other proposal
  3. I think “indefinite” ban could use some work. Whatever would minimize the burden on governance, doubling the period each time may help.
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We have two meta proposals now. We should go with whichever is a bigger priority and start spreading the word

This is a proposal to modify the meta rules. To ensure better understanding among users in the Chinese community, I have translated the original text of the proposal into Chinese.


[DIS] 修改元规则:需要间隔 30 天才能重新提交提案

如果提案在 Nervos Talk 论坛通过了最初的 “点赞”,但没有通过 Metaforo 上的治理投票,那么,修改后的提案必须在 30 天后才能重新提交。

对提案进行修改必须是实质性的,并且应该考虑到治理过程中的反馈意见。什么样的修改被认为是实质性的修改完全由 DAO 委员会决定。

为了考虑到所有利益相关者的意见,修改后的提案必须再次通过 Nervos Talk 论坛上的 “点赞”,然后才能提交到 Metaforo 进行投票。


如果提案第二次失败(即未能通过 Nervos Talk 的点赞或 Metaforo 的投票),则提交者将无限期地失去就该主题发起提案的权利。

在第二次提案失败后(这里没有引入 30 天的冷静期),提案人可以自由地提交新的提案,但其内容必须与之前失败的提案有根本性的区别。什么样的区别被视为根本性的区别完全由 DAO 委员会决定。