Consideration about incentivizing voting process

Recently a proposal was posted which included incentivization in the project’s native token for participants in the voting process, it should be considered if a rule should be adopted in the DAO that does not allow incentivization of voting process participation.


I would support such a rule. The procedures in place are designed to ensure a form of due diligence is observed. I think airdropping tokens to participants can misalign incentives.


Yes a rule against incentivized voting would be great. Hopefully we continue attracting those genuinely interested in the growth of the ecosystem and not people simply looking for rewards.


I understand this rule looks like a bribe to vote.Our original intention was to encourage more people to participate in the Dao discussion.If most people do not want the rule to continue, we can simply remove it.Thank you for your support and interest in us.

I find buying votes very unethical. Even if votes and the text gets removed, the votes have still won. The big voters should take note of these shady ways even if it’s pushed through. I think there should defo be rules and penalties involved around voting for community CKB.

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I noticed that this airdrop offer was not removed from the proposal on Metaforo and people have been posting their wallet addresses


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I think this is evidence that the voting system can be manipulated. That there will always be scammers trying to get community money by what ever means necessary. Very disappointing and a lack of morals. As a community we can call out the project on twitter and other socials if needed.