CKB Token Mint: Fullstack Dapp + Keyper Web Wallet + Keyper Bridge

I’d like to announce a demo application that currently enables playing around with user defined tokens on your local CKB network. It also showcases the use of Keyper: an ownership layer for CKB.

Two other simple libraries came out of building this demo: Keyper-Web-Wallet and Keyper-Bridge. Keyper-Web-Wallet is a type script based wallet meant for executing in a browser page. It is embedded within an iframe within the main Token Mint page and performs cryptographic operations in a separate web worker thread.

Keyper-Bridge is a simple package that encapsulates the message channels and message handling to make communication between a dapp and a wallet easier. It has the following benefits and capabilities:

  • Write dapp code as if the wallet is just another included module
  • Easy setup for wallet: just initialize keyper bridge on wallet side and bindings to wallet methods are automatically created so that the dapp can call them
  • Extend the functionality with a simple interface to add additional method bindings or interact with the message passing functionality directly

All of these projects are in very early phases and should be treated as experimental, insecure, demonstrative, and non-production ready.

Read more about Token Mint, its architecture, and see it in action here


Awesome! Is there a live demo for these works?

Not yet. I will produce an in-browser demo after add some changes to the client side so that it runs a little faster. There are places where errors need to be handled better and the CKB polling can be improved